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Gorgasia preclara

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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Heterocongrinae
Scientific name  Gorgasia preclara
Higher classification  Gorgasia
Order  Eel
Family  Congridae
Genus  Gorgasia
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Species
Gorgasia preclara Splendid garden eel Gorgasia preclara
Similar  Spotted garden eel, Gorgasia, Heterocongrinae, Eel, Heteroconger

Gorgasia preclara prachtr hrenaal

Gorgasia preclara, commonly called splendid garden eel or orange-barred garden eel, is a species of marine garden eel.


Ohrfleck r hrenaal und pracht r hrenaal gorgasia preclara im zoo m nchen


Gorgasia preclara Splendid garden eel Gorgasia preclara Bhlke and Randall 1981

The splendid garden eel is a medium-sized fish, up to 40 cm maximum length. Its body has a circular shape with a diameter of about 10 mm. Its body color is yellow to orange with characteristic white bands.

Distribution and habitat

Gorgasia preclara GORGASIA PRECLARA Gorgasia Preclara 3499 DNATecosistemases

G. preclara is widespread throughout the tropical waters of the Indo-West Pacific area from the Maldives to Indonesian archipelago and the Papua New Guinea and north to Ryukyu, Japanese archipelagos, and south to the Philippines. It occurs in sandy areas exposed to currents at depths between 18 and 75 m, but is usually observed at an average depth of 30 m.


Gorgasia preclara httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons77

The splendid garden eel lives in a buried tube in the sand either alone or in small groups. Typically, only its head and uppermost body protrudes from the sand, and it will retreat entirely if approached by large fish or divers. They feed on drifting plankton.

Gorgasia preclara FileGorgasia preclarajpg Wikimedia Commons
Gorgasia preclara Splendid garden eel Gorgasia preclara in aquarium
Gorgasia preclara Gorgasia preclara Wikipedia


Gorgasia preclara Wikipedia

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