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Gorenje Vrhpolje

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Country  Slovenia
Statistical region  Southeast Slovenia
Elevation  262 m
Local time  Friday 6:01 AM
Traditional region  Lower Carniola
Municipality  Šentjernej
Area  225 ha
Population  327 (2002)
Gorenje Vrhpolje
Weather  2°C, Wind S at 2 km/h, 84% Humidity

Gorenje Vrhpolje ([ɡɔˈɾeːnjɛ ˈʋəɾxpɔljɛ]; German: Oberfeld) is a settlement southwest of Šentjernej in southeastern Slovenia. The area was traditionally part of Lower Carniola. It is now included in the Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region.


Map of 8310 Gorenje Vrhpolje, Slovenia


The local church, built south of the village, is dedicated to Saint Urban and belongs to the Parish of Šentjernej. It is mentioned in written documents dating to 1439, but owes its current Baroque style to a major rebuilding in the 18th century. Fragments of the medieval wall paintings are still visible on the exterior northern wall of the nave.


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