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Gonionemus vertens

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Olindiidae
Scientific name  Gonionemus vertens
Higher classification  Gonionemus
Order  Limnomedusae
Genus  Gonionemus
Phylum  Cnidaria
Rank  Species
Gonionemus vertens Gonionemus vertens 2 Most dangerous hydrozoan jelly in the
Similar  Gonionemus, Carybdea brevipedalia, Limnomedusae, Olindiidae, Chrysaora melanaster

Gonionemus vertens

Gonionemus vertens is a species of jellyfish.


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Gonionemus vertens WoRMS Photogallery

The appearance of Gonionemus vertens is usually described as having an transparent bell lined with up to 90 tentacles and colored gonads; orange, red, or violet if the specimen is female or yellow-brown if it is male. The gonads are arranged hanging from four radial canals so that when viewed from above, the gonads are lined perpendicularly. The manubrium, colored tan, hangs down in the middle. The whole jellyfish is only about 2.5 centimetres (0.98 in) in diameter. The species is often found clinging to seaweed or eelgrass giving it the nickname "the clinging jellyfish". Polyps are tiny, only about 0.5 mm.


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In the United States, Gonionemus vertens specimen have been found on the Pacific coast, from The Aleutian Islands to Southern California, and on the Atlantic coast, from Massachusetts to New Jersey. In Asian waters they have been reported from northern Zhejiang, the Sea of Japan, Olga Bay and the northern Japanese Islands. And in Europe: from the Mediterranean Sea to Norway.

Gonionemus vertens NEMESIS Database Species Summary

Gonionemus vertens has in addition been reported to be very venomous in waters near Japan and Russia. Previously reported as harmless in the Atlantic, there are now increasing numbers of stinging incidents occurring on the US Atlantic coast.

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