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Country  Iran
Bakhsh  Central
Time zone  IRST (UTC+3:30)
Local time  Thursday 6:25 PM
Province  Isfahan Province
County  Golpayegan
Elevation  1,830 m (6,000 ft)
Population  47,849 (2006)
Area code  0372
Website (in Persian:آخاله
Weather  11°C, Wind SW at 19 km/h, 33% Humidity
University  Golpayegan University of Engineering

Golpayegan (Persian: Golpāyegān‎‎, also Romanized as Golpayegan; also known as Shahr-e Golpāyegān meaning "City of Golpayegan") is a city in and the capital of Golpayegan County, Isfahan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 47,849, in 14,263 families. Golpayegan is located 186 kilometres (116 mi) northwest of Isfahan and 102 kilometres (63 mi) southeast of Arak, situated at an altitude of 1,830 m. Its temperature fluctuates between +37° and -10° Celsius. Its average annual rainfall is 300 mm


Map of Golpayegan, Isfahan Province, Iran

Golpayegan, land of tulips.

Historically, the name of the town has been recorded as Vartpadegān,(ورت پاتگان) Jorfadeghan, (جرفادقان) Darbayagan, Kuhpayegan,(کوه پایگان) and Golbādagān. Golpayegan means fortress of flowers and land of tulips (Persian: سرزمین گلهای سرخ Sarzamin-e golha-ye sorkh). According to Ḥamd-Allāh Mostawfi, the town of Golpāyegān was built by the daughter of Bahman,Samra, also known as Homāy Bente Bahman in Persian: همای بنت بهمن

Golpayegan, the city of Artists

Golpayegan has many Artists. Mohammad Karami (painter) is one of them. Mohammad Karami is one of the contemporary painting artists in IRAN. He put and extreme patience and attention to the very beautiful landscapes around and the moments of his life and has drown them incredibly. In one of his works called "after rain in jungle" we can smell the humidity in the air and feel the wet ground. He basically focuses on Oil-painting more, however he has paited Water-color, Black and white-pencil, Color-pencil, Pastel,etc...

Golpayegan is Artist’s city. Mirza Asadolahe Ghodsi, Karbalai Iadolahe Gugadi Tar zan, Hedar Babkhalil" (حیدر بافقلی) (Ostade bihamtaye Zarb), Ahmade Sorur, Mohamad luti (Ostade Sorna), Tahere Safi (khoshnevis), Hamide Marjani (Violinist)

Other Artists:

Ostad Abolghasem Golpayegani, Ostad Habibolahe Iadegari, Ostad Hedare Ghashoghtarash (استاد حیدر قاشق تراش) Mohamad and Ali Mokhtari, Ostad Hedar Niknaam,

Ali Tavasoli, Mohamadreza Tavasoli, Mohamad Bagher Tavasoli, Mohamad Taghi Tavasoli, Mohamad Ebrahim Tavasoli, Mohamd Bagher Masah, Gholamreza Ghadiri, Gholamreza Ghanbari, Hassan Bakhshi, Rajabalie Ghanad, Mohamadreza Safi….are wood-carving, expert.

Andalibe Tavalai, Hasane Barazanda, Mostafa Mansuri, Ehsane Jamali, Mariam Javanbakht, …etc...

Ahmad soltani(mashhor be amo ali akbar)

Historical monuments

Several historical monuments are located in Golpayegan: Jameh mosque of Golpayegan, a minaret (Manar) from the Seljuk period, the Sarāvar mosque from the 9th-10th/15th-16th centuries; Hevdah Tan (هفده تن) shrine from the 11th/17th century. Bab shekj (Dare Shahidan), Gugad,s Arg, the shrine of Emāmzāda Abu’l-Fotuḥ (in Vaneshun), a descendant of Imam Musā al-Kāẓem from the 10th/16th century; the shrine of Emāmzāda Sayyed Sādāt from the 8th/14th century….Ghale Vedagh, etc.


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