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Go continuous delivery

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Original author(s)  ThoughtWorks
Written in  Java, Ruby
Type  Continuous delivery
Initial release  2007 (as Cruise)
Platform  cross platform
Stable release  17.1.0 / January 2017; 2 months ago (2017-01)

Go or GoCD is an open source tool which is used in software development to achieve continuous delivery (CD) of software. It supports automating the entire build-test-release process from code check-in to deployment. It helps to keep producing valuable software in short cycles and ensure that the software can be reliably released at any time.



Go was originally developed at ThoughtWorks Studios in 2007 and was called Cruise before being renamed GoCD in 2010 and released as open source in 2014.


  • A Pipeline consists of multiple stages, each of which will be run in order.
  • A Stage consists of multiple jobs, each of which can run independently of the others.
  • A Job consists of multiple tasks, each of which will be run in order.
  • A Task is an action that needs to be performed. Usually, it is a single command.
  • A Material is a cause for a pipeline to run. This could be a commit made to a source code repository or a timer trigger.
  • Agents run the jobs assigned to them.
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