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Go Get Em Hutch

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Distributor  Pathe
Writer  Frank Leon Smith
Language  Silent
Director  George B. Seitz
Country  United States
Go Get 'Em Hutch Go Get Em Hutch Wikipedia

Release date  April 9, 1922 (1922-04-09)
Cast  Charles Hutchison, Marguerite Clayton, Richard Neill
Genres  Drama, Adventure Film, Silent film, Black-and-white
Related George B. Seitz movies  Passport to Paradise (1932), The Exploits of Elaine (1914), The Iron Claw (1916), The Hardys Ride High (1939), Judge Hardys Children (1938)

Go Get 'Em Hutch is a 1922 American drama film serial directed by George B. Seitz. The story concerns a crooked lawyer who is the head of a crime syndicate. He seeks to prevent the operation of the ships owned by the heroine, played by Marguerite Clayton. Hutch, the title character played by Charles Hutchison, comes to her rescue.


Go Get 'Em Hutch Go Get Em Hutch 1922

The film is presumed to be lost however all or parts are listed as being held at Gosfilmofond, the National Film Foundation of the Russian Federation.


  • Charles Hutchison as Hutch
  • Marguerite Clayton
  • Richard Neill
  • Frank Hagney
  • Pearl Shepard
  • Joe Cuny
  • Cecile Bonnel
  • Chapter titles

    1. Chained to the Anchor
    2. The Falling Wall
    3. The Runaway Car
    4. The Crushing Menace
    5. Shot into Space
    6. Under the Avalanche
    7. On Danger's Highway
    8. The Broken Life Line
    9. Under the Cauldron
    10. The Edge of the Roof
    11. The Air-Line Route
    12. Between the Rails
    13. Under the Ice
    14. In the Doorway of Death
    15. Ten Minutes to Live


    Go Get 'Em Hutch Wikipedia
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