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Years active  2007–present
Past members  Jamie Sykes
Origin  New York CIty, United States
Genres  Noise Experimental metal
Labels  Seventh Rule Recordings Conspiracy Records
Members  Alan Dubin Brian Beatrice Carter Thornton Eric Neuser Jun Mizumachi

Gnaw is a New York City noise band created by Alan Dubin after the dissolution of Khanate. The band was originally composed of Dubin, Carter Thornton (of Enos Slaughter and others), Jun Mizumachi (a former live member of Ike Yard) and drummer Jamie Sykes (of Burning Witch). Guitarist/sound designer Brian Beatrice and drummer Eric Neuser later joined the group. In addition to the traditional 4 piece rock format and string and wind instruments, Gnaw utilizes synthesis modulation, found sound and manipulated recordings. In issue 302, The Wire magazine called Gnaw "a terrifying rock sextet whose blackened vision has enough dark energy to blot out the sun". The publication described Gnaw's debut album, This Face, as "unsettling but vital listening". The album was named number 17 of the year by Rock-A-Rolla magazine and Fact went on to post it as number 23 on its list of best "post-metal" albums ever made.


In 2013, Gnaw signed with Seventh Rule Recordings who released their second album, Horrible Chamber, on October 15. "Horrible Chamber" was reviewed positively by most publications including Pitchfork, Wire and Dusted, who said, "Gnaw’s combination of murderous riffs, sludgy bass, dark ambience and soulless electronica is mastered expertly on Horrible Chamber, resulting in a seven-song suite that pulls in all directions whilst staying wholly cohesive." WIRE said, "Horrible Chamber raises goosebumps, instils despair, and suggests fruitful future paths for metal in the process".


  • Alan Dubin (Vocals, Synthesizing, Processing)
  • Brian Beatrice (Guitar, Bass, Studio Production, Manipulation and Processing)
  • Carter Thornton (Guitar, Bass, Multi-Instrumentalist, Sound Recordings and Manipulation)
  • Eric Neuser (Drums and Sampling)
  • Jun Mizumachi (Synthesis, Recording and Studio Manipulation)
  • Past members: Jamie Sykes
  • Discography

  • This Face (Conspiracy Records, 2009)
  • Horrible Chamber (Seventh Rule Recordings, 2013)
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