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Director  Gerard Barrett
Screenplay  Gerard Barrett
Writer  Gerard Barrett
Language  English
6.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama
Country  Ireland
Glassland movie poster

Release date  11 July 2014 (2014-07-11) (Galway) 17 April 2015 (2015-04-17)
Initial release  April 17, 2015 (Republic of Ireland)
Producers  Ed Guiney, Juliette Bonass
Cast  Jack Reynor (John), Toni Collette (Jean), Will Poulter (Shane), Michael Smiley (Jim)
Similar movies  The Royal Tenenbaums, Barefoot, The Oak's Shadow, The Tears of the Sea, Christmas, A Man Like Me

Glassland official teaser trailer 1 2014 toni collette movie hd

Glassland is a 2014 Irish drama film written and directed by Gerard Barrett in his second feature following Pilgrim Hill. The film stars Jack Reynor as a young man who tries to help his mother (Toni Collette) with her alcoholism.


Glassland movie scenes


Glassland movie scenes

John is a cash-strapped taxi driver in Dublin, who lives with his mother, Jean, who is drinking herself to death. He finds her comatose in her own vomit and drives her to the hospital where she recuperates until her next bout of drunkenness. John spends his time trying to get more work driving, hanging out with his one mate, arguing with his mother about alcohol, taxiing Asian female traffic and palling with his younger brother, who has downs syndrome and lives in a home with other disabled kids. John rids his house of alcohol and tries to convince his mother to stop drinking but she screams at him and smashes the plates as he impassively videos her rampage.

Glassland movie scenes

After searching the town for his mother, who he fears for, he finds her drunk on the doorstep. Not knowing what else to do with her, he invites her to party with him and watches emotionless as she drinks and dances in the kitchen. She confides in him that when John's younger brother was born disabled, the father left. She rejected the child, whom she felt had ripped her life apart. After the father left, she felt destined to be utterly alone the rest of her life, until she found alcohol. But she says that John was her precious child who always came looking for her.

Glassland movie scenes

John convinces her to enter a treatment centre, after screaming at her that she is breaking his heart and that he can't take it any more. He shows her the video of her raging for alcohol. The free centre can only keep her for one week, but the concerned director finds a place at private clinic with a fee of 8,000 euros. Desperate, John calls his boss to ask for an advance, agreeing to do his bidding. John drives his mate to the airport to leave the country, but on the way has arranged for him to have cathartic meeting with his young son that he almost never gets to see. Then John and his mate say a heartfelt goodbye at the airport.

John visits his mother at the new centre, along with his brother, and the mother makes an emotional connection with him. John's boss tells him to pick up something delicate for him. He drives to a desolate house where he finds a young Asian woman, abused and delirious in a bathtub. Disturbed and perplexed, he ends up driving her to the director of the treatment centre to get her help.


  • Jack Reynor as John
  • Toni Collette as Jean
  • Will Poulter as Shane
  • Michael Smiley as Jim
  • Darine Ní Dhonnchadha as Bridie
  • Gary Ó'Nualláin as Frank
  • Release

    Glassland was released theatrically in Ireland and the United Kingdom on 17 April 2015.


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