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Giuseppe Orefici

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Giuseppe orefici se molesta cada vez que la prensa le pregunta de momias

Giuseppe Orefici (born 1946) is an Italian archaeologist noted for his work on investigating prehispanic civilizations in particular Nasca and Rapa Nui culture,.


Per archeologo giuseppe orefici nasca


Degree in Architecture. Since 1982 he has been Director of Nasca Project. he has conducted several investigations in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua. In particular he directed archaeological excavations in the Ceremonial center of Cahuachi (Peru) since 1984, Pueblo Viejo near Nasca (Peru) (1983–85), Tiwanaku (Bolivia) from 2007 to 2014, Easter Island (1991–93, 2001). He published several books and articles on Nasca and Rapa Nui culture, he curated numerous exhibitions on prehispanic culture in America and in Europe. The most important research, still on going, is the archaeological excavation and conservation of Cahuachi

Current research

Currently he is Director of Centro de Estudio Arquelogicos Precolombinos, es:Museo Arqueológico Antonini in Nasca (Peru) and Nasca Project. His current scientific interest is focused on the study of Nasca and Tiwanaku civilizations with particular reference to architecture, and prehispanic petroglyphs.

Scientific publications

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