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Gishoma Thermal Power Station

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Country  Rwanda
Commission date  2016 (Expected)
Primary fuel  Peat
Status  Under construction
Owner(s)  Shengli Energy Group
Construction began  2010
Gishoma Thermal Power Station
Location  Rusizi District, Western Province

Gishoma Thermal Power Station is a 15 megawatts (20,000 hp), peat-fired thermal power plant, under construction in Gishoma, Rusizi District, in the Western Province of Rwanda.



The power station is located in Gishoma, Rusizi District, in Rwanda's Western Province, approximately 210 kilometres (130 mi), by road, southwest of the city of Kigali, the capital and largest city in the country.


As part of efforts to diversify the national energy generation sources, and in view of the considerable deposits of peat in the country, the government of Rwanda, through its wholly owned parastatal Energy Water and Sanitation Authority (EWSA), contracted Shengli Energy Group Limited', a Chinese company, to build Gishoma Thermal Power Station, under the supervision of an Indian firm, Punj Lloyd Limited.

The peat to fuel the power station would be extracted from the Gishoma marshes, close to where the power station is located. Peat Energy Company, a private Rwandan peat mining and supply company, contracted with EWSA to supply the raw material.

After the construction contract ad been awarded, it became clear that mistakes had been made in the design of the power station, the feasibility estimates and the sourcing of water needed for the power station to operate. It has recently come to the attention of the planners, that the Gishoma marshes peat reserves can only sustain the 15MW plant for a maximum of five years. A that time the plant would either e relocated, or peat would have o be trucked in from remote Rwandan sites.

Timetable and funding

The construction of this power station was originally budgeted to cost US$36 million (about Rwf24.8 billion), borrowed from the Bank of Kigali, Rwanda's largest commercial bank by assets. Despite the delays and miscalculations, the power station is expected to come online in August of 2016.


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