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Giovanni Amelino Camelia

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Name  Giovanni Amelino-Camelia

Role  Physicist
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Similar People  Lee Smolin, Laurent Freidel, Joao Magueijo, John Ellis, Carlo Rovelli

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Giovanni Amelino-Camelia (born 14 December 1965, Naples) is an Italian physicist of the University of Rome La Sapienza who works on quantum gravity.


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He is the first proposer of doubly special relativity that is the idea of introducing the Planck length in physics as an observer-independent quantity, obtaining a relativistic theory (like Galileian relativity and Einstein's special relativity). The principles of doubly special relativity probably imply the loss of the notion of classical (Riemannian) spacetime; this led Amelino-Camelia to the study of non-commutative geometry as a feasible theory of quantum spacetime. Amelino-Camelia is famous also for being the initiator of "quantum-gravity phenomenology", for being the first to show that with some experiments under reach of current technology sensitivity to Planck-scale effects is feasible (see Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope).

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