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Music by
Ananda Perera

EAP circuit cinemas

K.D Dayananda

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Directed by
Udayakantha Warnasuriya

Paboda SandeepaniMahendra PereraRodney WarnakulaSriyantha Mendis

Release date
24 April 2015 (2015-04-24)

Paboda Sandeepani, Mahendra Perera, Rodney Warnakula

Bahubuthayo, Super Six, Pravegaya, Address Na, Kusa Pabha

Gindari: Bahubuthayo 2 (Sinhalese: ගින්දරී - බහුබූතයෝ 2) is a 2015 Sinhalese comedy mystery film. The film served as a sequel to the 2001 film Bahubuthayo, which was written and directed by Udayakantha Warnasuriya, produced by EAP Circuit Cinemas, and scored by Ananda Perera.


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Released in April 2015, the film experienced commercial success in Sri Lanka; However, the film was perceived as a failure. Scenes in the film were shot in the town of Anuradhapura and in and around Colombo.

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A few years after an incident in Bahubuthayo, Lanti (Mahendra Perera) and Bunti (Rodney Warnakula) are engaged in their usual jobs as journalists. The story begins when a lightning strike destroys the bell at the temple allowing Tikiri (Paboda Sandeepani), an evil spirit, to come back to their home. Bunti becomes frightened when he sees Tikiri. Both Lanti and Bunti wonder how she came back. Meanwhile, their friend Chaminda (Richard Manamudali) returns home and sees the girl. After a series of comedies, Chaminda leaves home and in the meantime, Lanti and Bunti reveal that Tikiri is also capable of releasing fire.

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With all these incidents, Bunti's parents come home and ask Bunti to marry a girl soon, which he accepts, while Lanti is thinking of a way to get rid of Tikiri. Meanwhile, following a misleading news item relating to a minister which has been published, the minister (Sriyantha Mendis) comes to the house where Bunti and Lanti live and beats them. The minister thinks Tikiri is beautiful, and takes her by force to work in his ministry office. Lanti and Bunti allowed him to keep her, but little did he know that they were seeking vengeance. Bunti got married to a girl named Malkanthi (Lochana Imashi) after Tikiri left the house. Bunti noticed that his wife was very lazy, expensive, addicted to television and not compatible at all. They quarreled very often until Malkanthi left the house.

After Tikiri entered a new world within the ministry, the minister always tried to win her heart but she just didn't like him. He gave a new modern name to Tikiri, instead calling her Tikri. The community started making slanderous jokes about their relationship.The Minister wanted to get together with Tikri, but when he tried to touch her, she punched him and fled.

One day, Lanti and Bunti see that Tikiri has come back again and now she has learned to speak English as well. Somehow, Bunti is attracted to Tikiri and falls in love with her. So he asks Tikiri to stay with him in that house while serving them. But since Lanti did not agree to his decision, he left the house leaving Bunti and Tikiri. Eventually, Bunti and Tikiri married and had a child. Every one, except Lanti, came to their child's birthday party. At the end, Lanti was also married and his wife was pregnant. Lanti sees that his friend Bunti lives happily being married with Tikiri and having a child. The film ends with the citation "See You with Bahubuthayo".


The film was released on April 2015 in more than 30 EAP circuit cinemas and ended the theatrical run in July 2015. The film went on to become a commercial success, running for about 50 days.


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