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The Gihara are a Hindu caste found in various states of India.


History and origin

The Gihara are immigrants from Rajasthan. Now they are mostly found in all parts of India and some spread other parts of the world also. Giharas speak mostly Gihara, Hindi and English languages (Gihara Language is also called Parsi Language).As we know people of this community belong from Tribal community they spread in different regions in India.

Present circumstances

The Gihara are strictly endogamous and are divided into four main exogamous clans. These are the Sodha, Sankat, Maish, Otwar, Goher, Sore and Marriayyah.

Many Gihara are still involved in their traditional occupation of Cloths. Some in ancient age were involved in rope making, chick making, bamboo fencing.Now they are doing all types of company jobs, businesses and government jobs. And many people still engaged in their traditional occupations like kuchbandiya, sirkibandiya. Many peoples engaged themselves in cottage industries (small industries occupations).They work personally.

Gihara Sacred Places of Worship

  1. Dev Dada kesri and Dada Dutti - Roorkee Uttrakhand
  2. Dhram Dhamani Mata Maharani Mandir - Allahabad, UP
  3. Dev Dada Dhanna Mahapurus - Kankad Khera, Meerut, UP
  4. Dev Dhusna Mahapurus - Utasani, UP
  5. Dev Noiya Mahapurus - Khandsa, Gurgaon, Haryana
  6. Dev Mahapurus Rehtua - Garhmukteshwar, UP
  7. Dev Pisoria Mahapurus - Timarpur, Delhi
  8. Dev Mansukha Maharaj - Mathura, UP
  9. Dev Fateh Singh - Govardhan, UP
  10. Kundan Mali - Karnal, Haryana
  11. Dada Narayan Mahapurus - Agra, UP
  12. Dada " Lattha - Dasna Village of Ghaziabad, UP
  13. Mana Madir, Kakori, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  14. Manaveer Mandir - Near shamshan bhumi Bareilly city station, Bareilly,Uttar Pradesh


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