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Director  Shyam Ramsay
Release date  June 8, 2007 (India)
Screenplay  Ashwin Bharti
Writer  Ashwin Bharti
Language  Hindi
4.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Music director  Kiran Ramsay
Country  India
Ghutan Full Length Bollywood Hindi Movie YouTube
Release date  2007 (2007)
Cast  Aryan Vaid (Ravi Kapoor), Tarun Arora (Jaggi), Pooja Bharthi (Priya), Hina Tasleem (Catherine)
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Ghutan is a 2007 Hindi horror film directed by Shyam Ramsay.


Ghutan Horror Movie Aryan Vaid Heena Rehman Pooja Bharti

Ghutan horror movie aryan vaid heena rehman pooja bharti bollywood full hd movie


The movie opens with a scene where Ravi Kapoor (Aryan Vaid) and his friend Jaggu (Tarun Arora) entering a graveyard in a car with Catherine's (Heena Rehman) body. When they dig the land Catherine comes in to consciousness and Jaggi suggests to bury her alive. Catherine begs Ravi to kill her before burying & starts screaming that she doesn't want to die and she is afraid to be in the darkness. But Ravi and Jaggi forcefully drag & put her inside a coffin while she helplessly watches them closing it. They bury her alive and she dies.

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The Flashback is then narrated by Ravi Kapoor, Managing Director of Catherine Exports and Jaggu, Export Executive and his best friend. Both of them are womanizers and Ravi falls for the beauty of Priya Malhotra (Pooja Bharthi) on the first sight and appoints her as the secretary. Ravi married Catherine for her wealth, she loves him truly but soon realises he is not worthy. But still does not give hope and try to rekindle her relationship with Ravi.

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Ravi tries to misbehave with Priya and she angrily confronts him, but still continues to work due to her family circumstances. Catherine revokes her power of attorney given to Ravi. Ravi is furious that he will not be able to withdraw any more money from the bank. Jaggi comes to Catherine's house and tries to console her. Ravi witness the scene and misunderstand that she is having an affair with him. He confronts her and both fight. Ravi hits Catherine and she accidentally fall over the dining table and faints. They thought her to be dead and decide to bury her. Her maid Nancy witnesses the whole thing and Ravi blackmails her saying that he will kill her if she tells the truth to anyone.

Ghutan Full Length Bollywood Hindi Movie YouTube

Catherine's ghost escape from the grave and meets a church father, who used to console her when she was alive. She tells him the truth. He informs her that she should rest in peace and should not try to enter her body again and if she does she will become the evil. But Catherine declines and enter her body thereby becoming a living dead.

She haunts Ravi and he tells the truth to Jaggi, but to his distrust he does not believe him. Nancy who saw Catherine also lie to him that she did not see Catherine.Catherine's uncle returns from Goa in search of Catherine.

Priya without knowing anything about Ravi falls in love with him. Her mother tries to warn her that Ravi is trying to play with her life,but she is not ready to listen. Nancy warns Ravi about Catherine and confess that she comes home every night and stares at his bedroom door for hours. Ravi decides to check what's going on & go to her grave & starts digging it, but is stopped by Jaggi. They are found by a police officer and they lie to him saying that they stopped by to pass urine.

Catherine attacks Priya and haunts her. On the other hand, Catherine's uncle files a police complaint saying that his niece is missing. The police inspector grows suspicious and check the graveyard where he met Ravi and Jaggi on first day. He dig the grave only find that the body is missing, but he finds a chain which belongs to Catherine. Priya confronts Ravi asking for explanation, but he consoles her saying that it was just her imagination. Nancy asks her to meet Prof. Siddarth Nath Bhatacharya who serves as a medium to communicate with the dead ones. He informs her that it was none other than Catherine and she was murdered by Ravi, he warns her to stay away from Ravi.

Priya angrily confronts Ravi and accuses him for the murder of Catherine. Jaggi overhears the conversation & tries to kill Priya. But Catherine come there in time and save her by killing Jaggi. Ravi seeks the help of Father. Priya asks Ravi to surrender himself to the police and he agrees it. Catherine confronts Father and angrily accuses him for helping Ravi. Father tries to relieve Catherine from her body but only to be killed by her.

Ravi surrender & confess the truth to the police, but inspector asks for evidence that Catherine is dead as they couldn't find her dead body. Ravi decides to make Nancy confess the truth as she is the only witness for Catherine's murder. Catherine attacks Nancy and she also became an evil. Nancy attacks Ravi aggressively & he kills her.

Ravi tries to runaway with Priya but is confronted by Catherine on their way. He asks her what exactly she want him to do. She replies that he need to confess his sin where he buried her alive. She attacks him & bury herself and Ravi alive in the same place where she was buried.

Cast and crew

  • Aryan Vaid - Praveen Kumar;
  • Heena Rehman/Heena Tasleem [1] - Catherine
  • Pooja Bharti [2] - Priya;
  • Tarun Arora - Jaggi
  • Shahbaz Khan
  • Shyam Ramsay - Director & Producer [3]
  • Gangu Ramsay - Cinematographer
  • Kiran Ramsay - Sound Designer
  • Vishwanath Dixit - Music
  • Sandeep Gandhi - Executive Producer
  • Sasha Ramsay -Associate Producer
  • Ashwin K. Bharti -Screenplay
  • Ashaque Makrani -Editor
  • Kamal Kishore -Dialogue Writer
  • Hanif Khan -Action
  • Jeyani Deshmukh -Art Director
  • Jojo Khan -Choreographer
  • Surendar Sodhi -Background Music
  • Ibrahim Ashq -Lyrics
  • Dr. J.P. Chandel -Lyrics
  • Namrata Ramsay -Costume Designer
  • Anjali Ramsay -Co-Producer
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