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Ghar Basake Dekho

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Genre  Comedy, Drama
Screenplay  Rajendra Krishan
Language  Hindi
Director  Kishore Sahu
Music director  Chitragupta
Story by  Prabhulal Dwivedi
Country  India
Ghar Basake Dekho movie poster
Release date  1963
Writer  Rajendra Krishan, Prabhulal Dwivedi
Cast  Manoj Kumar (Kumar), Rajshree (Sharda Mehra), Shyama (Mona K Mehra), Savitri (Geeta), Mehmood Ali (Sunder)
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Ghar Basake Dekho (Start A Family) is a 1963 Hindi, family drama film, directed by Kishore Sahu. The film was produced by Trikambhai Dave, Bal Chander Shukla for Ratandeep Pictures, with music composed by Chitragupta and lyrics written by Rajendra Krishan. The story was taken from the Gujarati stage writer Prabhulal Dwivedi’s story, ‘Grahasti’. The screenplay and dialogues were by Rajendra Krishan.


Savitri, a top South Indian actress, made her Hindi film debut in Ghar Basake Dekho in a supporting role. The cast included Manoj Kumar, Rajshree, Shyama, Sudesh Kumar, Mehmood, Johnny Walker and Lalita Pawar.

Mehmood was nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Ghar Basake Dekho was a family drama with romance and comedy interwoven in the story. The story revolves around a widowed mother, who mortgages her village house to educate her son in the city. The film then follows his marriage to a woman of his choice, who mistreats his family, and the repercussions it has on family and friends.


Kamal Mehra (Sudesh Kumar) lives in the village with his mother Shanta Mehra (Lalita Pawar), and younger sister, Sharda (Rajshree). They are poor and his mother has to mortgage her house in the village in order to send Kamal to the city for further education. She expects him to pay off the mortgage once he gets a job. Kamal gets a job and returns to the village with a wife Mona (Shyama), who is considered too modern for the village. When Kamal returns to the city he stops sending money to his family. The mother and daughter leave for the city when they are informed that Kamal is not well. They are treated badly by Mona, who with her spendthrift habits gets into arguments with Kamal. When Kamal leaves for a job outside the city, Mona has Shanta and Sharda thrown out of the house.

Wandering on the streets, Shanta and Sharda collide with Kumar's (Manoj Kumar) car, who takes them to his home. Kamal is an employee of Kumar but the fact is unknown to mother and daughter. Kumar and Sharda start liking each other and he insists they stay at his place till the mother recovers. When Kamal returns home, he is upset to see his mother and sister missing. He leaves some money he is carrying for his employer with Mona, and goes off to the village to look for them, but is unable to find them. Mona spends three-fourths of the money Kamal had left in her care, and he has to find a way to return the money. Finally, Kamal unites with his mother and sister; Mona has learnt her lesson from her errant ways, and Kumar and Sharda get married.

There is a sub-plot in the form of Kamal and Mona's neighbours; one is Sunder (Mehmood) and his wife Geeta (Savitri), who is shown as the traditional wife in comparison to Mona. Another neighbour is Jackson (Johnny Walker), who has left his wife Ganga (Minu Mumtaz) in the village.


  • Manoj Kumar as Kumar
  • Rajshree as Sharda Mehra
  • Shyama as Mona Mehra
  • Sudesh Kumar as Kamal Mehra
  • Mehmood as Sunder
  • Savitri as Geeta, Sunder's wife
  • Lalita Pawar as Shanta Mehra
  • Johnny Walker as Jaikishen Ram Agnihotri, alias "Jackson"
  • Minu Mumtaz as Ganga Agnihotri
  • Leela Mishra as Kashi, Ganga's mother
  • Uma Khosla as Kavita Kapoor, Mohana's friend
  • Shivraj as Ramprasad, Sunder's father
  • Randhir
  • Soundtrack

    One of the popular numbers from the film was "Tumne Hansi Hi Hansi Mein", sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mahendra Kapoor. The composer was Chitragupta and the lyrics were written by Rajendra Krishan. The playback singing was provided by Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, Mahendra Kapoor, and Usha Mangeshkar.


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