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Get into You

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Recorded  1992–93
Artist  Dannii Minogue
Label  MCA Records
Get into You (1993)  Girl (1997)
Release date  4 October 1993
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Released  4 October 1993 7 December 2009 (Deluxe Edition)
Producer  Bruce Forest, Andy Whitmore, Dancin' Danny D, Tim Lever, Mike Percy, Eliot Kennedy, Michael Ward
Genres  Pop music, Dance music, Rhythm and blues
Similar  Love and Kisses, The Singles, The 1995 Sessions, The Early Years, Party Jam

Get into You is the second album by Australian pop singer Dannii Minogue. It was released by MCA Records on 4 October 1993 in the United Kingdom and a deluxe edition with bonus tracks and remixes was released in 2009.


Dannii minogue get into you

Background and composition

The album sessions started in 1992, which Minogue discussed on British television in late 1992, whilst promoting her "Love's On Every Corner" single. At that time, there was no album title, as she relays. This album, except for the UK Top 40 hit singles "This Is It" (which peaked at #10) and "This Is the Way" (peaked at #27), is more mature and soulful than her more poppy debut, Love and Kisses. It features sophisticated music production, considerable downtempo moments, and mature vocals, as well as elements of funk and R&B.

The track "Hold On" was supposed to close the album as track 14 but was scrapped at the last minute. In 2009, it saw a release along with two other unreleased tracks on the album's Deluxe Edition.

Standard edition

  1. "This Is It" (Van McCoy) - 3:42
  2. "Love's on Every Corner" (D. Poku, Cathy Dennis, P. Taylor) - 4:16
  3. "Until We Meet Again" (Steve Hurley, Chantay Savage) - 4:25
  4. "Tonight's Temptation" (A. Moody, T. Wilentz, D. Minogue) - 5:59
  5. "Be Careful" (Davidge, Piken) - 5:09
  6. "I Dream" (K. Hairston, D. Minogue) - 4:38
  7. "Show You the Way to Go" (K. Gamble, L. Huff) - 4:24
  8. "Lucky Tonight" (C. Boureally, D. Minogue, R. Davis, D. Jones) - 3:49
  9. "This Is the Way" (Ward, Baylis, Kennedy) - 4:00
  10. "Get into You" (Mike Percy, Tim Lever), Tracey Ackerman) - 4:12
  11. "If You Really" (S. Hurley, J. Principal, C. Savage) - 4:03
  12. "Wish You'd Stop Wishing" (Eric Foster White) - 5:11
  13. "Kiss and Make Up" (C. Bourelly, R. Davis, D. Minogue) - 4:17
  14. "Show You The Way to Go" (12" version) - 8:02

Japanese edition

Two bonus remixes are featured on the Japanese edition of Get into You.

  1. "This Is the Way" (The Cool 7") 3:48
  2. "This Is the Way" (12" version) 6:54

Deluxe edition (2009)

Remastered edition issued by Palare Records on 7 December 2009, includes the full album plus rare and previously unreleased songs; excluding the b-side, "No Secret" for unknown reasons.

Disc one
  1. "This Is It"
  2. "Love's on Every Corner"
  3. "Until We Meet Again"
  4. "Tonight's Temptation"
  5. "Be Careful"
  6. "I Dream"
  7. "Show You The Way to Go"
  8. "Lucky Tonight"
  9. "This Is the Way"
  10. "Get into You"
  11. "If You Really"
  12. "Wish You'd Stop Wishing"
  13. "Kiss and Make Up"
  14. "Feels So Good"
  15. "Hold On"
  16. "If You're in Love"
  17. "It's Time to Move On"
Disc two
  1. "Show You the Way to Go" (12" Version)
  2. "Love's on Every Corner" (12" Club Mix)
  3. "This Is It" (Alternative 12" Mix)
  4. "This Is the Way" (12" Version)
  5. "Get into You" (Hustlers Convention Disco Mix)
  6. "Be Careful" (Eric Kupper 12" Vocal Mix)
  7. "Show You the Way to Go" (Eron Irving Remix)
  8. "This Is It" (Doc & Baron Freestyle Remix)
  9. "Love's on Every Corner" (12" Bass In Your Face Dub)
  10. "Get into You" (Arizona Club Mix)
  11. "Be Careful" (Eric Kupper Radio Edit)
  12. "Show You the Way to Go" (7" Dub)
  13. "This Is It" (One World Original 7" Mix)


These are the formats of major album releases of Get into You:

Get into You: Video Collection

A collection of music videos produced to promote the album's singles was released in the UK on 30 May 1994 by Mushroom UK. The VHS reached number 35 on the UK video chart. It also contained an interview with Minogue and behind-the-scenes footage.

Track listing

  1. "Love's on Every Corner"
  2. "Show You the Way to Go"
  3. "This Is It"
  4. "This Is the Way"
  5. "Get into You"
  6. Interview & Dannii's personal video footage from her travels & live shows


1This Is It3:42
2Love's on Every Corner4:16
3Until We Meet Again4:25


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