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Gerard James Borg

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Name  Gerard Borg

Gerard James Borg

Similar People  Olivia Lewis, Dimitris Kontopoulos, Filipp Kirkorov

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Gerard James Borg is one of Malta's most successful songwriters and concept creators for the last decades. Borg has penned five of the Maltese entries for the annual Eurovision Song Contest with Philip Vella, and one of his songs gave Malta its first top placing (2nd) in the contest. He has also co-written "Shine" which represented Russia in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, besides writing for several national finals in other countries which include France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Greece, Iceland, Bulgaria and Romania.



Besides his successes in Eurovision, his creative concepts and songs have made it to the charts in various countries.

Gerard James Borg The five wives of Gerard James Borg

Borg has also created the successful Private Eye reviews for The Times of Malta, and has appeared in a great number of magazine interviews and TV shows.

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His bestseller debut novel – "Sliema Wives" peaked at number one after one week of its release, and became an overnight success. Gerard donated his share from the book royalties entirely to charity.

In October 2015 Borg released his second novel titled "Madliena Married Men" which followed the success of his first book. Only after a few weeks, the book received numerous praise from fans for the intriguing plot and fascinating twist. Popular online magazine describes it as: "This is hotter than lava - unputdownable!!!"

Gerard james borg

Eurovision Song Contest entries

  • Desire by Claudette Pace (Malta 2000)
  • 7th Wonder by Ira Losco (Malta 2002)
  • On Again... Off Again by Julie & Ludwig (Malta 2004)
  • Vertigo by Olivia Lewis (Malta 2007)
  • Vodka by Morena (Malta 2008)
  • Shine by Tolmachevy Twins (Russia 2014)
  • Breathlessly by Claudia Faniello (Malta 2017)
  • Entries in the Eurosong (Belgium)

  • Beyond You by Vanessa Chinitor (2006), 7th place in Quarterfinal
  • Décadance by Femme Fatale (2008), 3rd place in Quarterfinal
  • Entry in the Pesen Na Evroviziya (Bulgaria)

  • Wish by Neda (2006), 8th place
  • Entries in the Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins (Iceland)

  • I Wanna Manicure by Hara Sisters (2008), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Ég trúi à betra líf by Magni Ásgeirsson (2011), 2nd place
  • Entry in the Nationaal Songfestival (the Netherlands)

  • Heatwave by Ebonique (2003), 4th place
  • Entries in the Melodi Grand Prix (Norway)

  • Velvet Blue by Kathrine Strugstad (2005), eliminated in Final
  • Absolutely Fabulous by Queentastic (2006), 3rd place
  • Million Dollar Baby by Belinda Braza (2010), 7th place in Semifinal
  • Entries in Selecţia Naţională Eurovision (Romania)

  • Lovestruck by Indiggo (2007) [disqualified]
  • The Best A Man Can Get by Lucian Oros (2012), 9th place
  • Girls Don't Cry by Ioana Bianca Anuta (2012), 4th place
  • Entry in Destino Eurovisión (Spain)

  • Golden Cadillac (2011), eliminated in Song selection
  • Entry in France

  • Ma liberté by Joanna (2014)
  • Entry in Greece

  • It's All Greek To Me by Antigoni Psihrami (2011), 4th place
  • Entries in Song for Europe Festival (Malta)

  • Breathless by Claudette Pace (1999), 5th place
  • Shine by Ira Losco (2000), 6th place
  • Desire by Claudette Pace (2000), 1st place (8th at ESC 2000)
  • Spellbound by Ira Losco (2001), 2nd place
  • Dazzle Me by Paula (2002), 5th place
  • 7th Wonder by Ira Losco (2002), 1st place (2nd at ESC 2002)
  • Superstitious by Natasha & Charlene (2003), 5th place
  • Tango 4 Two by Keith Camilleri (2004), unknown place
  • On Again... Off Again by Julie & Ludwig (2004), 1st place (12th at ESC 2004)
  • Déjà vu by Olivia Lewis (2005), 2nd place
  • Amazing by AnnaBelle (2006), 14th place
  • My Love by Isabelle Zammit (2007), 8th place in Semifinal
  • Night Wish by AnnaBelle (2007), 10th place in Semifinal
  • Vertigo by Olivia Lewis (2007), 1st place (25th in semifinal at ESC 2007)
  • Tangeled by Jessica Muscat (2008), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Throw Your Stones by Daniela Vella (2008), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Superhero by Klinsmann (2008), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Casanova by Morena (2008), 5th place
  • Vodka by Morena (2008), 1st place (14th in semifinal at ESC 2008)
  • Kamikaze Lover by Baklava (2009), 18th place
  • Typical Me by Alison Ellul (2009), 8th place
  • Crossroads by Raquela (2009), 11th place
  • Fired Up by Foxy Federation (2010), 18th place
  • Samsara by Claudia Faniello (2010), 8th place
  • Three Little Words by Ruth Portelli (2010), 8th place
  • Movie In My Mind by Claudia Faniello (2011), 9th place
  • Love Me Like Your Money by Kelly Schembri (2011), 15th place
  • Moondance by Baklava (2011), 6th place
  • Heart Of Glass by Cherise (2011), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Autobiography by Dorothy Bezzina (2012), 8th place
  • DNA by Romina Mamo (2012), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Pure by Claudia Faniello (2012), 2nd place
  • Fall Like Rome by Richard Edwards (2013), 13th place
  • Love-o-holic by Deborah C (2013), 9th place
  • Loverdose by Melanie Zammit (2013), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Overrated by Marilena (2013), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Starting From The End by Dorothy Bezzina (2013), 15th place
  • The Remedy by Klinsmann Coleiro (2013), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Ultraviolet by Jessika (2013), 8th place
  • Hypnotica by Jessika (2014), 8th place (Winner of PUBLIC TELEVOTE AWARD, and TVM AWARD)
  • Invisible by Raquel Galdes (2014), eliminated in Semifinal
  • Lovetricity by Christabelle Borg (2014), 8th place
  • Oblivion by Chris Grech (2014), 13th place
  • Fandango by Jessika (2015), 9th place
  • The Flame by Jessika (2016), 7th place
  • Breathlessly by Claudia Faniello (2017), 16th place in second semi-final (ESC 2017)
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