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George the Hedgehog (film)

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Writer  Rafal Skarzycki
Language  Polish
4.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Animation, Comedy
Budget  2.6 million PLN
Country  Poland
George the Hedgehog (film) movie poster
Director  Wojciech Wawszczyk Jakub Tarkowski Tomasz Lesniak
Release date  11 March 2011 (2011-03-11)
Based on  Jez Jerzy  by Rafal Skarzycki and Tomasz Lesniak
Directors  Wojciech Wawszczyk, Tomasz Lesniak, Jakub Tarkowski
Music director  Krzysztof Zalewski, Jan Duszynski, Budyn, Marcin Zabrocki
Cast  Borys Szyc (Jez Jerzy (voice)), Maria Peszek (Yola (voice)), Maciej Malenczuk (Prostytutka Lilka (voice)), Marcin Sosnowski (Stefan (voice)), Michal Koterski (Zenek (voice)), Jaroslaw Boberek (Assistant (voice))
Similar movies  The Lost Town of Switez (2010)
Tagline  Polish version of Fritz The Cat

Film trailer jez jerzy george the hedgehog

George the Hedgehog (Polish: Jeż Jerzy) is a 2011 Polish animated comedy film directed by Wojciech Wawszczyk, Jakub Tarkowski and Tomasz Leśniak. It is based on the Jeż Jerzy comic books and tells the story of two neo-Nazis and a mad scientist creating a clone of the title character in an attempt to defeat him.


George the Hedgehog (film) movie scenes

Sxfantastic trailer george the hedgehog jez jerzy


George the Hedgehog (film) movie scenes

The story begins in the Professor's lab, where he and his assistant are conducting an experiment. As a result, the computer produces the image of a hedgehog. Professor sends his assistant to find one.

George the Hedgehog (film) movie scenes

The next day, Stefan and Zenek attack Jerzy and his lover Yola, but are defeated. They are approached by Assistant, who offers them a job. He takes them to the Professor's lab and tells them to acquire Jerzy's DNA, then kill him. They secure the DNA, and a clone is created, but Jerzy survives. The Assistant explains that from their analysis it seems Jerzy has a full potential to become a pop star, but there was a problem: he couldn't be contained.

George the Hedgehog (film) httpsiytimgcomviDauBtJD9UIsmaxresdefaultjpg

Jerzy meets with Yola, but the clone appears and assaults Yola. She becomes angry and leaves. As Jerzy tries to explain, he's captured by Assistant, who mistakes him for the clone. He escapes, but is seen by Stefan and Zenek, who collide with the clone and beat him, before being stopped by Yola. She drives the clone home, thinking he's the original Jerzy. However, as the clone abuses her again, she throws him out of the taxi and drives home.

The true Jerzy is waiting there, but Yola doesn't listen to him. Zenek asks Jerzy to meet under Poniatowskiego bridge by pretending to be Yola. There, Jerzy is knocked unconscious and thrown into the river. He is eventually rescued by the prostitute Lilka.

George the Hedgehog (film) KVIFF George the Hedgehog

The clone becomes an international celebrity. Yola wants to come to terms with Jerzy. She meets Lilka, who starts to suspect the truth. Jerzy, decides to regain his good name. He breaks into a concert where the clone is performing, revealing the truth. A fight ensues, and a beam falls and crushes the clone.

George the Hedgehog (film) The 15th World Film Festival of Bangkok George The Hedgehog

Yola witnesses the fight and tries to reach Jerzy, but she's captured by the Assistant. Jerzy pursues them and Assistant is arrested. Yola finally comes to terms with Jerzy. As they talk on the bridge, Professor finds out the clone is still alive, but lets him go, believing he'll manage without him. However, the clone is found by the two Vietnamese chefs and turned into a meal.


George the Hedgehog (film) Cartoons for Big Kids George the Hedgehog Delivers Adultsized
  • Borys Szyc as George the Hedgehog
  • Maria Peszek as Yola
  • Sokół as Stefan
  • Michał Koterski as Zenek
  • Wojtek Wawszczyk as the clone
  • Marcin Hycnar as Krzyś
  • Maciej Maleńczuk as Lilka
  • Krystyna Tkacz as Stefan's mother
  • Grzegorz Pawlak as the scientist
  • Jarosław Boberek as the assistant
  • Leszek Teleszyński as the politician
  • Production

    George the Hedgehog (film) George the Hedgehog Image Gallery Gallery Culturepl

    The film project was initiated by Paisa Films in 2007 and co-produced with Produkcja which joined in 2009. The production received 1.6 million złoty from the Polish Film Institute and had a total budget of 2.6 million złoty. The film was digitally animated and combines cutout and 3D techniques. It took two years to make and involved a team of 14 people, although according to co-director Wojciech Wawszczyk, "everyone worked for six". After the script was finished the actors recorded their lines. In August 2010 the animation work was completed and editing began.


    The premiere was on 11 March 2011 in Poland through Monolith Films.

    George the Hedgehog (film) George the Hedgehog Wojtek Wawszczyk Film at Culturepl


    George the Hedgehog (film) Wikipedia
    George the Hedgehog (film) IMDb George the Hedgehog (film)

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