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George Boswell

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Name  George Boswell

TV shows  Big Brother - Season 1
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Born  September 29, 1958 (age 64) (1958-09-29) Rockford, Illinois, United States
Television  Big Brother 1 Big Brother 7
Residence  Rockford, Illinois, United States
Similar People  Erika Landin, Howie Gordon, James Rhine, Brittany Petros, Marcellas Reynolds

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George Boswell (better known as Chicken George, born September 29, 1958), is an American television personality who was a contestant on the first and seventh seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother. A roofer from Rockford, Illinois, he was only one of two contestants on Big Brother 1 to have children. He later appeared on the All Star edition (season 7), starring past players from the previous six seasons.


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Big Brother 1

George Boswell Big Brother Where Are They Now The Manthe Chicken Man

While in the house, Boswell became known as "Chicken George" and "The Chicken Man" for taking care of the chickens in the house. George was frequently upset about things that occurred in the house, and at one point attempted to convince the HouseGuests to walk out in protest, which never happened. George was marked for banishment twice, receiving a total of nine nominations. When George was nominated in the eighth week, his family and hometown rallied to get the votes to keep him, resulting in Brittany's banishment and causing much controversy outside of the house. George was ultimately banished on Day 78, coming in fifth place. George is thus far the only HouseGuest from the first season to appear in a future installment of the series, returning to compete in Big Brother: All-Stars (2006). He later made a guest appearance in Big Brother 10 (2008), marking his last appearance in the series.

Big Brother 7

George Boswell Chicken George Boswell

Boswell was the only Houseguest from that season eligible to enter the All-Star house. This is likely in part to the fact that Big Brother 1 was a much different game than the seasons that followed. As well, winner Eddie McGee and fan favorite Brittany Petros were both approached and declined the invitation to return. Big Brother 1 had lower ratings and played more like the international versions of Big Brother. Despite this, George was chosen to enter the All-Star house by the producers. He became the eighth male to enter the house, leaving the gender division in the house at 8-6 instead of the usual even split.

In the early days of the game, George was often ridiculed and dismissed as a minor resident of the house. As time passed, however, he began gaining recognition as a potential threat due to his under-the-radar personality. Some houseguests have compared him to Michael "Cowboy" Ellis, who many believed was taken to the final two of Season 5 because he was unlikely to win. On Week 3, James nominated George for eviction alongside Will, stating that having caught George eavesdropping on his conversations. George was unhappy about his nomination and began harbor some animosity for James. Seemingly against all odds, George won the Power of Veto. On the downside, he won the veto by choosing to eat only "slop" for the remainder of his time in the house. George made a very touching speech at the Veto Ceremony, claiming to feel honored to play with each and every Houseguest, and then he vetoed his own nomination. He was allowed to eat regular food for a week when Marcellas gave him the slop pass he won during Week 5's HOH competition. During Week 6, Head of Household Janelle was angry at Chicken George for having sworn on his kids that he wouldn't vote to evict Kaysar yet doing so anyway. However, George actually promised no such thing—he actually told Kaysar he was unsure what he was going to do. Despite intentions to name George as a replacement nominee after Danielle Reyes won the Power of Veto, she chose instead to nominate Marcellas Reynolds, giving George safety for another week.

George Boswell Big Brother Season One Flashback with Chicken George Boswell

At the beginning of Week 7 on Day 46, George won the Head of Household competition in a tie-breaker against Danielle. As part of a surprise double-eviction week, he was forced to immediately nominate two housemate for eviction live. He nominated James and Erika. However, James won the veto and George then nominated Howie.

At the beginning of Week Eight, George was nominated alongside Janelle by Erika. Janelle won the veto and removed herself from the block, causing Head of Household Erika to nominate Danielle. Danielle Reyes was evicted the following Thursday, day 60.

In addition, Day 60 included "Big Brother Overdrive", a game element where a full week's worth of play took place in an hour. George Boswell was nominated alongside Erika, but Erika won the Power of Veto. She was replaced with Mike, and George was then evicted by a 2-0 vote. Once evicted, George received a bucket of classic KFC chicken from a man dressed as Colonel Sanders, and was sent to the jury house.


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