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Geoffrey McSkimming

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Name  Geoffrey McSkimming
Role  Novelist
Spouse  Sue-Anne Webster

Geoffrey McSkimming A Living Collection Geoffrey McSkimming ONE hundred
Books  Phyllis Wong and the Forgo, Phyllis Wong and the Retur, Cairo Jim on the Trail to ChaCh, Ogre in a Toga: And Other Per, Cairo Jim and the Lagoon o

Phyllis wong and the forgotten secrets of mr okyto presented by geoffrey mcskimming

Geoffrey McSkimming (born 1 January 1962) is a children's novelist and poet. He is the author of the 19 volume Cairo Jim chronicles and Jocelyn Osgood jaunts and the new Phyllis Wong series of mystery novels.


Geoffrey McSkimming A magical morning with Phyllis Wong39s friends Booked Inn

McSkimming was born in Sydney, Australia. To write his Cairo Jim stories, he travelled to Egypt, Peru, Tanzania (including Zanzibar), Greece, Mexico, Turkey, Italy and Singapore and other locations. He is much in demand for author talks, and appears with his wife, the magician Sue-Anne Webster, to promote the Phyllis Wong mysteries series.

Geoffrey McSkimming httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

Geoffrey McSkimming has contributed to magazines and poetry anthologies and he has also narrated the Cairo Jim chronicles as audio books for Bolinda Publishing. He wrote five character tours which were performed in the galleries at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney, Australia, from 2000 through 2013. In June 2006 Geoffrey McSkimming undertook an author tour of the UK for Walker Books, who released ten titles in the Cairo Jim series in the UK. In 2007, Scholastic published Geoffrey McSkimming's book of verse, Ogre in a Toga and Other Perverse Verses. The audio version of this title, narrated by McSkimming, was shortlisted in the Audie Awards (US) in 2008.

Geoffrey McSkimming Walker Books Geoffrey McSkimming

Geoffrey McSkimming's 26th book, Phyllis Wong and the Girl who Danced with Lightning, was published in 2017 by 9 Diamonds Press. He is currently writing the sixth story in the Phyllis Wong Time Detective mysteries series, which will be published in 2018. The Phyllis Wong Time Detective stories will be appearing regularly into the future, in whatever ways that may be defined.

Geoffrey McSkimming Phyllis Wong and the Forgotten Secrets of Mr Okyto

All titles in the Cairo Jim chronicles are being e-published by 9 Diamonds Press. A completely new Cairo Jim novel will appear in 2018.

Geoffrey McSkimming Performer

Geoffrey McSkimming is represented by Curtis Brown Literary Agency, London and Sydney.

Geoffrey McSkimming Geoffrey McSkimming presents Phyllis Wong and the Return

Geoffrey mcskimming presents phyllis wong and the return of the conjuror


  • Phyllis Wong and the Girl who Danced with Lightning (2017)
  • The Startling Tale of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (2016)
  • Phyllis Wong and the Pockets of the Shadows (2016)
  • Phyllis Wong and the Waking of the Wizard (2015)
  • Phyllis Wong and the Return of the Conjuror (2014)
  • Phyllis Wong and the Forgotten Secrets of Mr Okyto (2012)
  • Ogre in a Toga and Other Perverse Verses (2008)
  • Cairo Jim and the Astragals of Angkor (2007; e-book 2017)
  • Cairo Jim at the Crossroads of Orpheus (2006; e-book 2017)
  • Cairo Jim and the Sumptuous Stash of Silenus (2005; e-book 2017)
  • Cairo Jim and Jocelyn Osgood in Bedlam from Bollywood (2004; e-book 2017)
  • Cairo Jim and the Rorting of Rameses' Regalia (2003; e-book 2017)
  • Cairo Jim and the Chaos from Crete (2002; e-book 2017)
  • Cairo Jim and the Tyrannical Bauble of Tiberius (2001; e-book 2017)
  • Cairo Jim and the Lagoon of Tidal Magnificence (2000; e-book 2016)
  • Cairo Jim Amidst the Petticoats of Artemis (2000; e-book 2016)
  • Cairo Jim and the Secret Sepulchre of the Sphinx (1999; e-book 2016)
  • Jocelyn Osgood in Ascent into Asgard (1998)
  • Cairo Jim and the Quest for the Quetzal Queen (1997; e-book 2016)
  • Cairo Jim's Bumper Book of Flabbergasting Fragments (1996)
  • Cairo Jim and the Alabastron of Forgotten Gods (1996; e-book 2016)
  • Jocelyn Osgood and the Xylophones above Zarundi (1995)
  • Cairo Jim and the Sunken Sarcophagus of Sekheret (1994; e-book 2016)
  • Jocelyn Osgood - After the Puce Empress (1993)
  • Cairo Jim on the Trail to ChaCha Muchos (1992; e-book 2016)
  • Cairo Jim & Doris in Search of Martenarten (1991; e-book 2016)
  • His Cairo Jim and Jocelyn Osgood books are published in many different languages in Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Hungary, and New Zealand.


    "When Geoffrey McSkimming was a boy he found an old motion-picture projector and a tin containing a dusty home movie in his grandmother's attic. He screened the film and was transfixed by the flickering image of a man in a jaunty pith helmet, baggy Sahara shorts and special desert sun-spectacles. The man had an imposing macaw and a clever looking camel, and Geoffrey Mcskimming was mesmerised by their activities in black-and-white Egypt, Peru, Greece, Mexico, Sumatra, Turkey, Italy and other exotic locations.

    Years later he discovered the identities of the trio, and has spent much of his time since then retracing their footsteps, interviewing surviving members of the Old Relics Society, and gradually reconstructing the lost true tales of Cairo Jim, which have become the enormously successful Cairo Jim chronicles."


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