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Gemini Rising

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Country  United States
Director  Dana Schroeder
Language  English
Gemini Rising movie scenes The romance between David and Alex is the kind of thing that vanishes from movies after about 1983 or so It s a lingering sexual fantasy from the 1970s
Writer  Michael Todd, Kenny Yakkel
Release date  July 3, 2013 (2013-07-03) (Japan) (DVD premiere)

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Gemini Rising (also known as Alien Rising) is a 2013 American Action Sci-Fi Thriller produced by Tim Anderson and directed by Dana Schroeder. The film stars Lance Henriksen, Amy Hathaway, John Savage, Brian Krause and Dave Vescio.

Gemini Rising movie scenes Director Dana Schroeder

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In 2023, an unidentified spacecraft is found orbiting Neptune and an investigation is started. Meanwhile, Lisa (Amy Hathaway), a special agent for the DEA witnesses what she thinks is the death of her best friend Manning (John Savage), during a drugs raid. She quits her job as a DEA to become a dance teacher, however she is soon recruited again for a secret mission and shipped off to a small remote island.

On the Island she finds out the secret mission is an investigation into the alien spacecraft that was found orbiting Neptune. She discovers two aliens were found, one small and a larger one of a different species, with the smaller alien (which looks somewhat like an underdeveloped foetus with typical 'grey alien' large eyes) controlling the much larger and robust one through telepathy. (They've nicknamed the larger alien 'Spike' due to it's spiky and ominous appearance). Later, in attempting to escape or explore her surroundings, Lisa has a surprise meeting with her old friend Manning whom she had thought was dead. After a discussion with Colonel Cenula (Lance Henriksen) it comes to light that Lisa's sister also worked on the alien investigation but was killed through unknown circumstances (later revealed to be due to a mistaken overdose of the serum they're trying to develop). And discovers the reason she was chosen was because of the natural psychic/telepathic link she shared with her twin sister, which many twins seem to share.

After seeing the smaller alien, which is imprisioned in a glass chamber, and forming a chance telepathic connection with it, Lisa is tested for a mental connection with her twin sister by Dr. Bainbridge (Dave Vescio). During the investigation Lisa meets Plummer (Brian Krause) and builds a friendship with him which soon blossoms into romance. But secretly the Colonel, Manning and the Doctor are working together to try and develop a serum to control people using the alien's telepathic technology. The Colonel sells this mind control technology to a Korean billionaire for $4 billion. After spying on this transaction Lisa learns of the Colonel's plans (i.e. not following through on the deal, taking the mony but destroying the aliens instead), then steals the access codes to the money/account and attempts to flee the island.

The Colonel starts a hunt for Lisa and sends Plummer after her, but with Manning controlling him through their telepathy technology. Manning finds Lisa and attacks her but Lisa soon discerns it's really Manning via his obnoxious behaviour and begs Plummer to fight the mind control. Ultimately Plummer regains a modicum of control back and chooses to kill himself rather than risking harming Lisa. The now enraged Colonel kills Manning with a shot to the head for failing him. The Colonel then calls for a full evacuation of the island and releases the large alien using the telepathic tech to control it by forcing Doctor Bainbridge to control 'Spike' to pursue Lisa. Being chased by the alien, Lisa runs into a mine field and the alien sets off the mines causing a landslide, burying them both. The Colonel presumes they're dead, however, both Lisa and the large alien are still alive as the little alien had managed to wrestle control from the doctor and protected her from being crushed. The small alien is now back in control of 'Spike' and wants Lisa to help free them both, which he communicated to her via telepathy.

With help from the aliens Lisa defeats the military army on the island and they both confront the Colonel. Lisa begs him to stop the torture and release the aliens. When he emphatically refuses the large alien disarms him and rips him to shreds. Lisa frees both aliens and they escape as the island is set to self-destruct. The aliens thank and warn Lisa to quickly run, then take to their spaceship.

Lisa is rescued off the island via a helicopter, relaying to the superior officer therein, that the corrupt Colonel and the experiment have been destroyed and that the aliens are 'gone'. That it's best they take off before the whole island blows up. Meanwhile, somewhere below, in a somewhat cryptic scene, Dr. Bainbridge is seen rowing down a river with a metal suitcase and what appears to be the comatose body of Lisa's twin sister.

As the entire island blows, a spaceship takes off back into space...


  • Lance Henriksen as Colonel Stephen Cencula
  • Amy Hathaway as Lisa Morgan
  • John Savage as Manning
  • Brian Krause as Plummer
  • Dave Vescio as Dr. Bainbridge
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