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Area  360 km²
Population  1.816 million (2014)
Founded  1949

Colleges and Universities  Islamic University of Gaza (Gaza City), al-Aqsa University (Gaza City), Al-Azhar University – Gaza (Gaza City), University College of Applied Sciences (Gaza City)

GDP per capita  6,100.00 USD (2014)
Gross domestic product  6.641 billion USD (2008)

Map of Gaza

Gaza may refer to:


My beautiful city gaza occupied palestine

Crop on top gaza farmers forced to grow food on rooftops

Gaza Strip

  • Gaza Strip, an Arab-inhabited region on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Gaza City, a city in the Gaza Strip
  • Gaza Governorate, a governorate in the Gaza Strip
  • United States

  • Gaza, village in the town of Sanbornton, New Hampshire
  • Little Gaza, an Arab-American ethnic enclave in Anaheim, California
  • Gaza Strip, colloquial name for Anaheim Island, California, unincorporated area in Orange County, California
  • Australia

  • Klemzig, South Australia, renamed Gaza from 1917 to 1935
  • Africa

  • Gazaland, region in southern Mozambique and Zimbabwe
  • Gaza Province, province of Mozambique
  • Gaza Empire, a former Nguni kingdom in southern Africa
  • Ethnic groups

  • Gaza people, a Nguni people in southern Africa
  • People

  • Porphyry of Gaza (347–420), Bishop of Gaza 395 - 420
  • Choricius of Gaza (c.500), Greek sophist and rhetorician
  • Gaza Triad, three 6th Century Christian theologians from Gaza city
  • Aeneas of Gaza (d.518), Neo-Platonic philosopher
  • Procopius of Gaza (465–528), Christian sophist and rhetorician
  • Zacharias Rhetor (d. before 553)
  • Dorotheus of Gaza (505–565), Christian abbot
  • Theodorus Gaza (1400–1475), Greek humanist
  • Nathan of Gaza (1643–1680), Jewish theologian
  • Historiography

  • Gaza Thesis, a thesis used to explain the rise of the Ottoman Empire
  • Music

  • Gaza (band), a mathcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Sektor Gaza, Russian punk rock band from Voronezh, (1987–2000)
  • "Gaza", a 2012 song by progressive rock band Marillion
  • Fictional

  • List of Marvel Comics characters: G#Gaza
  • Gaza, warrior from Sol in the Sony PlayStation game, Legend of Legaia
  • "Gaza", an episode of the television program The West Wing (season 5)
  • Food in gaza appetite for gaza by anders holst markussen

    Gaza shortages food water electricity


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