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Gaura Festival

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Gaura Festival

The Gaura Festival is celebrated by the Hindu peoples residing in the especially most of middle-west & far-western part of Nepal. Gaura is the festival which falls in month of Bhadra, according to Nepali calendar(August/September).



There are many tales regarding the origin of the Gaura but mainly this day, the women worship goddess Gauri, the wife of Lord Shiva for their husbands health and long age.


The main theme of this festival is to worship goddess Gauri so during this day many temples of the goddess get different rituals, like prays and main is worship with Biruda. Then after finishing the worshiping at the temple those fasting women return home and bless their keens with Biruda, it is supposed to give them long life and health. The deuda dance is major part of this festival in which participants hold hands and form a circle as they stepped to traditional music. Apart from the many ceremonies that happen during this festival, it is the occasion for married women to put on the sacred thread. The deuda dance is a major part of the festivities in which participants hold hands and form a circle as they step to traditional music.


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