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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Galerida
Higher classification  Lark
Order  Passerine
Family  Alaudidae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
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Lower classifications  Crested lark, Thekla lark, Malabar lark, Sykes's lark, Large‑billed lark

Kuifleeuwerik galerida cristata crested lark

Galerida is a genus of birds in the family Alaudidae. The current scientific name is derived from Latin. Galerida was the name for a lark with a crest, from galerum, "cap". The name Galerida is synonymous with the earlier genus names Calendula, Heliocorys and Ptilocorys.


Birds in portugal galerida cristata aves em portugal

Taxonomy and systematics

Established by Friedrich Boie in 1828, the genus Galerida has seven extant and at least two extinct species.:

Extant species

  • Sykes's lark (Galerida deva)
  • Sun lark (Galerida modesta)
  • Large-billed lark (Galerida magnirostris)
  • Thekla lark (Galerida theklae)
  • Crested lark (Galerida cristata)
  • Malabar lark (Galerida malabarica)
  • Maghreb lark (Galerida macrorhyncha)
  • Extinct species

    There are at least two fossil species which are included in this genus:

  • Galerida bulgarica (late Pliocene of Varshets, Bulgaria)
  • Galerida pannonica (Pliocene of Csarnota, Hungary)
  • Former species

    Formerly, some authorities also considered the following species (or subspecies) as species within the genus Galerida:

  • Short-tailed lark (as Galerida fremantlii)
  • Dunn's lark (as Calendula dunni)
  • References

    Galerida Wikipedia

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