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Fudoh: The New Generation

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Genre  Action, Comedy, Crime
Initial DVD release  January 29, 2002
Country  Japan
7.1/10 IMDb

Director  Takashi Miike
Initial release  1996
Language  Japanese
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Writer  Hitoshi Tanimura (comic), Toshiyuki Morioka (screenplay)
Music director  Chu Ishikawa, Der Eisenrost
Cast  Shosuke Tanihara (Riki Fudoh), Kenji Takano (Akira Aizone), Marie Jinno (Jun Minoru), Tamaki Kenmochi (Touko Zenzai), Takeshi Caesar (Akihiro Gondo), Miho Nomoto (Mika)
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Fudoh the new generation 1996 japanese trailer for takashi miike s modern yakuza masterpiece

Fudoh: The New Generation (Gokudō sengokushi: Fudō) is a 1996 Japanese movie directed by Takashi Miike. Two sequels followed, neither of which was directed by Miike. The film is based on a manga by Hitoshi Tanimura.


Fudoh: The New Generation movie poster

Fudoh the new generation awesome assassination


Fudoh: The New Generation movie scenes

Riki Fudoh's brother was killed by his father at the request of his yakuza organization. Riki does not let his father know that he saw the murder take place but instead starts an organization that takes over his high school. Riki's two personal bodyguards are a gun-toting female student and a hermaphrodite student who wields a dartgun with her vagina.

Fudoh: The New Generation movie scenes

After Riki kills one of his teachers for not paying back a loan, a beautiful female teacher arrives. When the teacher visits Riki at his house, it becomes apparent she was Riki's dead brother's girlfriend. As Riki organizes assassinations of his father's yakuza organization, a new teacher arrives. The new teacher is actually Riki's half brother, whom his father sent to kill Riki. The teacher kills Riki's bodyguard and severely burns his hermaphrodite bodyguard with acid. Riki attacks the teacher at his apartment and nearly dies, but is saved when the female teacher arrives and kills Riki's half brother.

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Later that night Riki's father attacks the boy in the same manner he witnessed his brother being executed. However, Riki is prepared and kills his father. At his father's funeral, the only opposing yakuza boss who managed to survive an assassination, Daigen Nohma, shows up. The two exchange words and Nohma pulls out a gun at the same time Riki unsheathes his katana. The film ends as the two are about to duel.


Fudoh: The New Generation movie poster
  • Shosuke Tanihara as Riki Fudoh
  • Miho Nomoto as Mika, hermaphrodite bodyguard
  • Tamaki Kenmochi as Touko Zenzai, gun-toting female bodyguard
  • Marie Jinno as Jun Minoru
  • Kenji Takano as Akira Aizone
  • Takeshi Caesar as Akihiro Gondo
  • Tōru Minegishi as Iwao Fudoh
  • Riki Takeuchi as Daigen Nohma
  • Mickey Curtis as Yasha Gang Assassin
  • Release

    Fudoh: The New Generation movie scenes

    Fudoh: The Next Gernation was initially going be intended as a V-Cinema release in Japan. While viewing the rushes of the film, the producers felt it was too good of a picture to be released straight-to-video and had it premiere in theaters instead. It was released theatrically in Japan on October 12, 1996.

    Fudoh: The New Generation movie scenes

    Fudoh: The Next Gernation was one of the first films directed by Takashi Miike to play to foreign audiences. The film was shown in early 1997 at the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival in Belgium, followed by a release at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal and the Toronto International Film Festival.


    Fudoh: The New Generation wwwgstaticcomtvthumbdvdboxart78374p78374d

    Time listed the film as one of the top films of the year in December 1997.

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