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Fuck You (magazine)

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Editor  Ed Sanders
Publisher  Ed Sanders
Final issue  1965
Categories  Avant-Garde
First issue  Feb/April 1962
Country  United States

Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts was a literary magazine founded in 1962 by the poet Ed Sanders on the Lower East Side of New York City. Sanders later co-founded the musical group The Fugs. Sanders produced thirteen issues of Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts from 1962 to 1965.


The credo for the magazine, originated by Sanders, was I'll print anything. Its first issue contained the following dedication: "Dedicated to Pacifism, Unilateral Disarmament, National Defense thru Nonviolent Resistence [sic], Multilateral Indiscriminate Apertural Conjugation, Anarchism, World Federalism, Civil Disobedience, Obstructers & Submarine Boarders, and All Those Groped by J. Edgar Hoover in the Silent Halls of Congress."

Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts was produced on a mimeograph machine and printed on multi-colored construction paper.


Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts was a core publication in the Mimeo Revolution. It was dedicated to free expression, and especially defying the taboos around sex and drugs, advocating free love promiscuity and the use of psychedelics long before those were picked up by the more widespread countercultural movements of the late Sixties. Ed Sanders and his collaborators served as a bridge between the Beat generation of the Fifties and the later Hippie counterculture of the mid Sixties.

List of issues

  1. Number 1 (Feb/April 1962)
  2. Number 2 (May 1962)
  3. Number 3 (June 1962)
  4. Number 4 (August 1962)
  5. Number 5, Volume 1 (Dec 1962)
  6. Number 5, Volume 2 (Dec 1962)
  7. Number 5, Volume 3 (May 1963)
  8. Number 5, Volume 4 (??? 1963)
  9. Number 5, Volume 5 (Dec 1963)
  10. Number 5, Volume 6 (April/May 1964)
  11. Number 5, Volume 7 (Sept 1964)
  12. Number 5, Volume 8 (1965)—Mad Motherfucker Issue (Andy Warhol cover)
  13. Number 5, Volume 9 (June 1965)


Issues included works by:

  • Antonin Artaud
  • W. H. Auden
  • Julian Beck
  • William S. Burroughs
  • Gregory Corso
  • Robert Creeley
  • Tuli Kupferberg
  • Charles Olson
  • Peter Orlovsky
  • Philip Whalen
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • Frank O'Hara
  • Herbert Huncke
  • Norman Mailer
  • Gary Snyder
  • Diane DiPrima
  • Leroi Jones
  • Michael McClure
  • Ted Berrigan
  • Joe Brainard
  • Andy Warhol
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