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Front National (South Africa)

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Leader  Hannes Engelbrecht
Secretary-General  Babs Lotter
Head of Information  Daniel Lotter
Chairperson  Gordon Fox
Deputy Leader  Lenel Cotty Wessels
Treasurer  Dean Dart

Front National (Afrikaans: Front Nasionaal, FN) is a South African right-wing political party formed in late 2013 as a successor to the Federale Vryheidsparty. The party promotes Secession and Afrikaner self-determination. Front National strikes no distinction between English-speaking Whites and Afrikaners in South Africa.


Hannes Engelbrecht is its leader.

Land claim

On 24 April 2014, FN submitted a land claim to the Land Claims Commissioner in Pretoria on behalf of the Afrikaner nation. The new land claims process has not yet been finalised however.

Clive Derby-Lewis

Front National has been advocating the release of Clive Derby-Lewis, as of 2015, the oldest prisoner in the South African Correctional Services at the age of 79. He has behind bars since 1993. Derby-Lewis has made various bids for parole since June 2010, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. In February, 2014, Derby-Lewis and his co-conspirator in the Hani murder, Janusz Waluś, lives were threatened when they were stabbed several times and had their heads struck with locks by fellow inmates. It has been the stance of Front National that there has been political interference with his parole application.

The party has approached the United Nations Commission on Human Rights over the handling of Derby-Lewis's medical parole application.

South African Human Rights Commission

On the 14 of January 2016 declared intentions to charge Democratic Alliance Leader Mmusi Maimane with regards to Twitter comments he made stating "I am angry when I go shopping at certain shops – white people are shopping and black people are working.”


Front National has civil affiliations with Boere Krisis Aksie (BKA), which is self-described as a "Politieke drukgroep vir selfbeskikking en wit belange in Suid Afrika", translated as "[a] Political pressure group for self-determination and white interests in South Africa".

Front National has media affiliations with South Africa Today (SAT).

2014 general election results

The party contested the 2014 general election in the national ballot and the provincial ballot for Gauteng.


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