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Friction, Baby

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August 13, 1996

Better Than Ezra

Don Gehman

Alternative rock


Release date
13 August 1996

Elektra Records

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March 25 - April 27, 1996

Friction, Baby (1996)
How Does Your Garden Grow? (1998)

Better Than Ezra albums, Alternative rock albums

Friction, Baby is Better Than Ezra's third album. It was released on August 13, 1996. After this album was released, they took the year off in 1997 after touring.


The album's title comes from a television interview with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. When asked how he and Mick Jagger stayed together for so long, Keith took a long drag from his cigarette and said "friction, baby." This may also be a reference to the fact that the band had replaced its original drummer, Cary Bonnecaze, between the recording of their previous album and this one.

The album produced two hits on the Billboard modern rock charts: "King of New Orleans" and "Desperately Wanting." "Desperately Wanting" also narrowly missed the Billboard Top 40, peaking at #48. The third and fourth singles, "Long Lost" and "Normal Town," failed to chart.

Track listing

  1. "King of New Orleans" – 4:07
  2. "Rewind" – 3:07
  3. "Long Lost" – 3:40
  4. "Normal Town" – 3:39
  5. "Scared, Are You?" – 4:06
  6. "Return of the Post Moderns" – 2:54
  7. "Hung the Moon" – 3:46
  8. "Desperately Wanting" – 4:37
  9. "Still Life With Cooley" – 3:58
  10. "WWOZ" – 4:20
  11. "Happy Endings" – 2:43
  12. "Speeding Up to Slow Down" – 4:09
  13. "At Ch. Degaulle, Etc." – 6:37
  14. "Mejor de Ezra" (3:17) starts at 3:20 into the track.

On early copies of the album, the hidden track "Mejor de Ezra" is contained in the pregap. Later copies of the album tack this secret track onto the end of the album.

All songs were composed by Kevin Griffin.


  • Kevin Griffin - Guitar, Vocals
  • Tom Drummond - Bass
  • Travis McNabb - Drums
  • Additional Personnel

  • Joan Wasser - Violin
  • Peter Holsapple - Piano, Organ, Mandolin
  • Anthony Dagrade - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
  • Jamil Sharie - Trumpet
  • Mark Mullins - Trombone
  • Matthew Perrine - Tuba
  • Lawrence Sieberth - Piano
  • James Arthur Payne - Guitar
  • Songs

    1King of New Orleans4:09
    3Long Lost3:39


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