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Freiderich August Bechly

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Nationality  United States
Name  Freiderich Bechly
Known for  Apiology
Occupation  Farmer
Other names  Fred Bechly

Freiderich August Bechly
Born  August 13, 1835Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany
Died  January 21, 1916 Searsboro, Iowa

Freiderich August Bechly (1835-1916) was a German-American bee researcher (Apiologist) and farmer.



Freiderich (Fred) Bechly was born in Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany to Freiderich Johann Bechly (1807-1892) and Charlotte Beutel (1812-1876). He emigrated to America with his parents and siblings in 1852. Freiderich had two children with his first wife, Hephzibah Dumville, who died in 1869. He had five children with his second wife, Lydia Marie Weesner (1850-1899), but two died as children.


Fred Bechly owned a farm in Searsboro, Iowa, was a noted Apiologist, and a correspondent for the American Bee Journal.

His technique for introducing new queen bees to an existing hive was published in 1874. New queens are usually rejected by an existing hive. In his technique, Mr. Bechly removes a comb from the hive, places the comb and hive bees into an empty hive, and closes them in with the new queen. The bees being stressed by foreign imprisonment are unconcerned about the new queen. The old hive is left queenless and is also closed. Over the next several days, as the hives are reopened, the bees return to the old hive along with their new queen.


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