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Fredericton (electoral district)

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Fredericton (electoral district)

Fredericton (formerly Fredericton—York—Sunbury) is a federal electoral district in New Brunswick, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 1988. Its population in 2001 was 82,782. Its predecessor riding, York—Sunbury, was represented in the House of Commons from 1917 to 1988.


The district includes the city of Fredericton, and the towns of Oromocto, Chipman, and Minto and vicinity.

The neighbouring ridings are Miramichi, Beauséjour, Fundy Royal, New Brunswick Southwest, and Tobique—Mactaquac.

Political geography

In the 2008 election, the Conservatives gained this seat from the Liberals. The Conservatives were strongest in the rural parts of this riding, outside of Fredericton proper. Within the city, the Liberals still held their own with the NDP capturing a handful of polls, one which includes the University of New Brunswick, and a couple along Parkside Drive.


"York—Sunbury" riding was created in 1914 from parts of Sunbury—Queen's and York ridings. Previously, York County was its own riding and Sunbury County was joined with Queens County.

The riding was named after York and Sunbury counties of which it was composed.

In 1987, York—Sunbury was abolished. Some rural areas in the southern parts of the riding were transferred to Carleton—Charlotte riding, and a largely uninhabited area, moved to Miramichi. The remainder was incorporated into "Fredericton" riding. It was renamed "Fredericton—York—Sunbury" shortly after the 1988 election.

This riding was abolished in 1996 when more rural areas were moved into other districts (particularly Tobique—Mactaquac and New Brunswick Southwest, and a new riding named "Fredericton" was created. The Minto and Chipman areas were added to the riding in 2003. As per the 2012 federal electoral redistribution, this riding will lose territory to Miramichi—Grand Lake, New Brunswick Southwest and Tobique—Mactaquac, and gain a small territory from New Brunswick Southwest.

Members of Parliament

This riding has elected the following Members of Parliament:

Fredericton, 2013 Representation Order

The riding lost territory to Miramichi—Grand Lake, New Brunswick Southwest and Tobique—Mactaquac, and gained a small territory from New Brunswick Southwest as of the 42nd Canadian federal election.

Fredericton, 1996 Representation Order

Change for the Canadian Alliance is based on the 1997 results of its predecessors, the Reform Party.

Change from 1993 is not based on redistributed results.

Fredericton—York—Sunbury, 1989–1996

Doreen Fraser was nominated as a Confederation of Regions candidate, but was listed as an Independent because that party did not run enough candidates to be officially recognized.

York—Sunbury, 1917–1987

Changes for the New Democratic Party are based on the 1958 results of its predecessor, the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation.

2011 election

In 2011, a Student Vote was conducted at participating Canadian schools to parallel the 2011 Canadian federal election results. The vote was designed to educate students and simulate the electoral process for persons who have not yet reached the legal majority. Schools with a large student body that reside in another electoral district had the option to vote for candidates outside of the electoral district then where they were physically located.


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