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Freddy Frogface

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Peter Dodd




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Release date
1 June 2011 (2011-06-01)

Ole Lund Kirkegaard (novel), Soren Danielsen, Peter Dodd (screenplay), Michael W. Horsten (additional writer), Vicki Berlin (dialogue)

Victor and his friends manage to outsmart the town bully and join the circus.

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Freddy Frogface (Danish: Orla Frøsnapper) is a 2011 Danish animated film directed by Peter Dodd.


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Victor is a young orphan boy whose parents were killed by bats. His only friends are Jakob, an older brother figure who took Victor in when he stumbled upon him in a gutter, Sausage, Victor's canine ward, and his wits. Victor and Jakob frequently patrol the town, using their many talents and inventions to traverse the wild terrain, solving puzzles and forming bonds. One day, a bully named Freddy comes around. To assert his dominance over Victor, he eats a frog, thus earning him the super villain name, Freddy Frogface.

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Meanwhile, a circus has arrived in town, and Victor plans on entering himself and Sausage in as a dynamic duo. Jakob's cousin, Clara, comes into town at the same time, and she becomes an honorary member of Victor's crew. However, Freddy Frogface is still running amok, causing problems for all of the townsfolk, including the mayor of the town and the local blacksmith farmer, who frequently battles the frigging crows that assault his chickens.

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As Victor trains Sausage to be the best circus dog ever, he notices many things going wrong in town. Freddy Frogface has been causing problems, trying to lure Victor out of hiding so he can once again contest Victor's claim over his home. Yet Victor never gives up, and as the day goes on, his crew tries to forget about Freddy and focus on their circus routine. However, Freddy catches wind of this and hatches a plan to steal Sausage and take Victor's place on the stage. He kidnaps Sausage via steak and a burlap sack and runs off, making sure Victor's crew knows something is wrong.

Freddy Frogface Freddy Frogface 2011 movie YouTube

Freddy lures Victor to a haunted steel mill, where Victor's parents were once murdered. It is here that Victor learns to overcome his fear of bats in order to save Sausage. However, Freddy stays one step ahead of him, and traps him inside of a large well, breaking Victor's back in the process. While all this is happening, Jakob and Clara are waiting at the circus, wondering where Victor and Sausage are. Clara decides to go out and find them, leaving Jakob to keep an eye on things there.

A group of hermits come out of the woodwork in the well and reveal themselves to Victor. They tell Victor he is important in events to come, and help to heal his back. They also set up a rig that allows Victor to attempt to climb out of the well. Through many failed attempts, Victor gets out, and gives chase to Freddy Frogface. On the way, he runs into Clara, and tells her to go tell Jakob what has happened.

Freddy Frogface enters the circus with Sausage, who he names "King" now, and performs an act in The Box of Death, a sadomasochistic form of entertainment that the deranged town derives pleasure from. Jakob finds the maestro of the circus and informs him of the treachery, but the maestro is unconvinced. Soon, though, Victor swoops in in a cape and mask, revealing himself to be The Dark Knight himself, Batman. He has a ferocious fight with Freddy, resulting in many casualties in the form of civilian deaths. The fight ends with Victor telling Freddy, "This is my town. It always will be. For I am the night itself." Victor kicks Freddy into a cannon, firing him away. Freddy dies in the ensuing blast.

Victor escapes with his crew, and the four create a new team to keep a vigilant eye over the city: Victor, under the guise of Batman, leads the team. Sausage, under the guise of Batdog, is the mascot and loyal animal of the crew. Jakob, under the guise of Robin, is the weapons specialist. Clara, under the guise of Batgirl, is the token female of the group, and serves as a silent love interest for Victor. The town sleeps quietly for the night, but after the credits, Freddy's corpse is shown, mangled and grotesque. A finger twitches, and his eyes open as the screen cuts to black.


  • Nikolaj Lie Kaas as Orla Frøsnapper / Tryllekunster / Klovn
  • Thure Lindhardt as Victor
  • Nicolaj Kopernikus as Jakob / Lille Louis / Kontrollør / Fakir
  • Katrine Falkenberg as Clara
  • Margrethe Koytu as Fru Olsen
  • Ole Thestrup as Smeden / Slagter Jørgensen
  • David Bateson as Bardini
  • Cecilie Stenspil as Fru Svensson / Fru Strong / Fru Sivertsen
  • Lars Thiesgaard as Mister Strong
  • Lasse Lunderskov as Kanonkongen / Hr. Svensson / Kanonmand
  • Lars Ranthe as Linedanser
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