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Frankie Sakai

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Native name  フランキー堺
Name  Frankie Sakai

Role  Comedian
Education  Keio University
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Full Name  Masatoshi Sakai (堺 正俊, Sakai Masatoshi)
Born  13 February 1929 (1929-02-13) Japan
Occupation  Film actor, comedian, musician
Died  June 10, 1996, Tokyo, Japan
Awards  Japan Academy Prize for Special Award from the Chairman, Japan Academy Prize for Special Planning Award
Nominations  Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Movies  Sun in the Last Days of the Sh, Mothra, Shogun, The Last War, Vengeance Is Mine
Similar People  Yuzo Kawashima, Masahiro Shinoda, Jerry London, Shinichi Sekizawa, Tomoyuki Tanaka

ikio sawamura and frankie sakai have a chat in 英語

Frankie Sakai (フランキー堺, Furankī Sakai) (13 February 1929 – 10 June 1996) was a Japanese comedian, actor, and musician.


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From his days at Keio University, Sakai worked as a jazz drummer at American Army camps during the Occupation of Japan, often doing comic routines with his music. Becoming a professional comedian, he appeared in many famous film comedies such as Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate and the Shachō and Ekimae series at the Toho Studios. He was named best actor at the Blue Ribbon Awards for his work in Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate and Shiawase wa orera no negai.

He also appeared in musicals such as Kimi mo shusse ga dekiru, serious dramas such as I Want to Be a Shellfish, and kaiju eiga like Mothra. He was also known for his personal study of the ukiyo-e artist Sharaku and helped produce the film Sharaku directed by Masahiro Shinoda. He is best known to American audiences for his dramatic role in the 1980s television production of Shōgun in which he played the part of Lord Yabu.

He died of liver failure on 10 June 1996 at the age of 67.

Selected filmography

  • Midori haruka ni (緑はるかに, lit. "Beyond the Green") (1955)
  • Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate (幕末太陽伝, Bakumatsu Taiyōden, lit. "Records of the Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate") (1957)
  • Shiawase wa orera no negai (倖せは俺等のねがい, lit. "Happiness Is Our Wish") (1957)
  • I Want to Be a Shellfish (私は貝になりたい, Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai) (1958)
  • The Bride from Japan (花嫁さんは世界一, Hanayome-san wa Sekaiichi, lit. "Mrs. Bride Is the Number One in the World") (1959)
  • Mothra (モスラ, Mosura) (1961)
  • The Last War (世界大戦争, Sekai Daisensō) lit. "Great World War" (1961)
  • Kimi mo shusse ga dekiru (君も出世ができる, lit. "You Can Also Ascend") (1964)
  • Shōgun as Lord Kashigi Yabu, Daimyo of Izu (1980)
  • Shinran: Path to Purity (親鸞 白い道, Shinran: Shiroi Michi) (1987)
  • Sharaku (写楽, Sharaku) (1995)
  • Television
  • Onna Taikōki (1981) – Tokugawa Ieyasu
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