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Frank Ruskey

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Institutions  University of Victoria
Name  Frank Ruskey
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Alma mater  University of California, San Diego
Education  University of California, San Diego
Fields  Combinatorics, Computer Science

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Frank Ruskey is a combinatorialist and computer scientist, and professor at the University of Victoria. His research involves algorithms for exhaustively listing discrete structures, combinatorial Gray codes, Venn and Euler diagrams, combinatorics on words, and enumerative combinatorics. Frank Ruskey is the author of the Combinatorial Object Server (COS), a website for information on and generation of combinatorial objects.


Selected publications

  • Lucas, J.M.; Vanbaronaigien, D.R.; Ruskey, F. (November 1993). "On Rotations and the Generation of Binary Trees". Journal of Algorithms 15 (3). doi:10.1006/jagm.1993.1045. 
  • Pruesse, Gara; Ruskey, Frank (April 1994). "Generating Linear Extensions Fast". SIAM Journal on Computing 23 (2). doi:10.1137/s0097539791202647. 
  • Ruskey, F.; Hu, T. C. (1977). "Generating Binary Trees Lexicographically". SIAM Journal on Computing 6 (4). doi:10.1137/0206055. 
  • Ruskey, Frank; Weston, Mark (June 2005). "A Survey of Venn Diagrams". The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. Retrieved 1 October 2011. 
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