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Francisco Salvador Daniel

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Francisco Salvador-Daniel


1871, Paris, France

Francisco Salvador-Daniel (Bourges 17 February 1831 - Paris 24 May 1871) was a French composer and ethnomusicologist of Spanish origin.



His father was a Spanish musician of Jewish origin who came to France as a refugee. After studies at the Paris Conservatory of Music, Francisco Salvador-Daniel became a violin teacher at Algiers in 1853. He transcribed and translated songs from North Africa, and adapted them for western instruments. After his return to Paris, he was music critic for La Lanterne, the satirical magazine of Henri Rochefort. During the Commune of Paris, he became director of the Conservatoire and was executed by the "Versaillais" royalists during the final "Semaine sanglante" (Bloody Week) of the Commune.


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  • Recordings

  • 5 songs in French on Amel chante la Méditerranée - Amel Brahim-Djelloul (soprano), Ensemble Amedyez, Rachid Brahim-Jelloul. AmeSon 2009
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