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Four More Years in the Bush Leagues

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Released  July 12, 2005
Genre  comedy
Label  Self-published
Artist  Capitol Steps
Producer  Elaina Newport
Recorded  2004 and 2005
Length  1:01:51
Four More Years in the Bush Leagues  I'm So Indicted
Release date  12 July 2005
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Four More Years in the Bush Leagues is a 2005 album by the Capitol Steps.


Track listing

  1. Embraceable Jew
  2. Wouldn't It Be Hillary?
  3. The Sunni Side of Tikrit
  4. Someone Dumber Might
  5. I Like Big Cuts and I Cannot Lie
  6. There is Nothing Like Ukraine
  7. Fakey Purple Hearts
  8. I've Taken Stands on Both Sides Now
  9. The Candidates' Debate
  10. Der Nadermouth
  11. It Don't Mean a Thing if Your State's Not a Swing
  12. Electile Dysfunction
  13. He Works Hard for the Country
  14. If I Only Had a Plan
  15. The Impossible Dean
  16. Sunni & Cher
  17. The Land's Not Your Land
  18. Detective Story
  19. The Supremes
  20. Lirty Dies: Yubble-Doo, Bot Nush, Startha Moowurt, and Rill O'Beilly

Songs parodied

In album order:

  1. Embraceable You
  2. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
  3. On the Sunny Side of the Street
  4. Summer Nights
  5. Baby Got Back
  6. There is Nothing Like a Dame
  7. Achy Breaky Heart
  8. Both Sides Now
  9. 'O Sole Mio
  10. It Don't Mean a Thing
  11. She Works Hard for the Money
  12. If I Only Had a Brain
  13. The Impossible Dream
  14. I Got You Babe
  15. This Land Is Your Land
  16. Stayin Alive

New lyrics by Bill Strauss, Elaina Newport and Mark Eaton

Production personnel

  • Producer: Elaina Newport
  • Director: Bill Strauss
  • Sound Engineers: Jim Smith and Greg Hammon
  • Pianists: Howard Breitbart, Eileen Cornett, Dave Kane, Marc Irwin, Emily Bell Spitz and Lenny Wiliams
  • Cassettes and CDs pressed by Lion Recording
  • Songs

    1Embraceable Jew2:15
    2Wouldn't It Be Hillary?1:45
    3The Sunni Side of Tikrit2:25


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