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Fordham (surname)

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Fordham is an English surname.



The name "Fordham" derives from the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) words ford, meaning a ford, and ham[m], which means a low-lying meadow by a source of water. Taken together, the name means a ford by a settlement or a wading place.

Notable people

  • Alan Fordham (born 1964), English cricketer
  • Andy Fordham (born 1962), English darts player
  • Ben Fordham, Australian journalist
  • Debra Fordham, American television producer and writer
  • Elias Pym Fordham (1787–?), English-born surveyor of Indianapolis
  • Elijah Fordham (1798–1879), member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints
  • Herbert Fordham (1854–1929), English cartographer
  • Julia Fordham (born 1962), English singer-songwriter
  • John Fordham (1388–1425), Bishop of Ely
  • Kirk Fordham, American political campaign manager
  • Michael Fordham (1985–1995), English psychiatrist
  • Montague Fordham (1864–1948), British agriculturalist
  • Robert Fordham (born 1942), Australian politician
  • Sharon Fordham, American Broadway theatrical producer
  • Ted Fordham (born 1940), former Australian rules footballer
  • Todd Fordham (born 1973), retired American Football player
  • Tom Fordham (born 1974), retired American Major League baseball player
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