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Football Superstars

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Initial release date  17 March 2009
Genres  Football, Sports game
Publisher  CyberSports Ltd
Platform  Microsoft Windows
Football Superstars Football Superstars Alternatives and Similar Games AlternativeTonet
Developer(s)  Monumental Games (2008-2011), Coli Games UK (2014-)
Modes  Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
Similar  Football games, Other games

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Football Superstars is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online football game originally developed by Monumental Games and published by CyberSports. Since late 2014, the game has been developed and published by Coli Games UK.


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The BETA version of Football Superstars was released in November 2008, with community members providing feedback to the overall gameplay elements. The “release” version of the game was launched in the Spring of 2009. Since then, there have been several updates and patches to the game, improving stability and gameplay. In 2012, the team had suspended any development of the game, focusing on a Unity3D based project called Striker Superstars. Late 2014, Football Superstars game development has resumed under its new developer and publisher Coli Games UK.


Football Superstars was the first game of its kind on the PC to allow players to team up with other players from all over the globe and play in a true PvP environment. Players only ever control one player on the pitch, and everyone else around you is human controlled except for the Goalkeepers who are controlled by the AI. Players can train their “Superstars” to become better players by visiting the gyms, or purchasing upgraded boots and skills. Players can also increase their fame levels by visiting bars and restaurants and purchasing drinks. The more famous the players are, the greater their reward after each match.


There are two currencies in Football Superstars – FS Dollars and FS Credits. Players earn FS Dollars by playing competitive games, and can purchase FS Credits from the official website. Players can now also spend FS Credits on the new feature “Superstar Management”. Although 1 FS Credit is equal to 1 FS Dollar, FS Credits can be used to buy better items. Players are no longer able to exchange FS Dollars to FS Credits


Football Superstars Football Superstars Gameplay First Look HD YouTube

Football Superstars is free-to-play football MMO with a micro-transaction type monetization. There are no subscriptions. The game allows players to play without any limitations and completely for free of charge.


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Player Managed Clubs (PMC) are the FS equivalent of guilds, allowing players to create their own teams, recruit their own players and compete in online events and tournaments against other user generated PMCs. Within the PMC hierarchy, the manager can nominate a Captain, Scouts, a Coach, Members and recruits. Each of these roles has a varied level of responsibility.

Superstar Management

Released in August 2010, Superstar Management allows players to improve their players stats through the official website. Players can train their gym points, increase their Fame and XP levels and improve their football abilities too.


Fame is another reward earned by playing competitive matches. It can also be earned by purchasing drinks or even by purchasing certain clothing. Fame points (FP) can be used to upgrade your fame level. There are 28 fame levels, starting at Local Newcomer and ending at International Superstar. Once you have enough FP, you can be interviewed by newspaper, radio, and TV. TV takes more fame points; however, TV helps upgrade your fame level much more quickly. Newspaper takes the least amount of fame points, but it takes a long time to upgrade your fame level. Radio is somewhere in between the two.


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