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Fonda 500

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Years active  1995–present
Associated acts  Bitmap, The Rocky Nest
Record label  Record Mountain
Labels  Record Mountain
Genre  Alternative/Indie
Fonda 500 Music Fonda 500
Members  Simon StoneJonee KempIan AppleyardBodNicholas Broten
Origin  Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom (1995)
Albums  Eight Track Sound System, Number 1 Hi Fi Hair, Abcdelp
Similar  The Electric Soft Para, British Sea Power, The Housemartins

jenny 1 by fonda 500

Fonda 500 (aka F500 or Fonda500) are a British band hailing from Kingston upon Hull.


Fonda 500


Fonda 500 record collection

Formed by Simon Stone and Nicholas Broten in 1995, Fonda 500 have been releasing albums since 2000. Their songs appeared on the soundtrack to the British comedy television programme, Teachers on Channel Four, Colin Farrel film Intermission and E4's Skins (2010). They have built up a cult following since 2000, chiefly through their explosive live performances and their unique musical style, comparable to Black Sabbath jamming with the Beach Boys. Their first two albums were released on Village Records (Hull), followed by a signing to Truck Records (Oxford) for No. 1 Hifi Hair. Gentle Electric (Nottingham) released Spectrumatronicalogical Sounds and the ABCDELP. Their sixth album, Je m'appelle Stereo, was released on their own label Record mountain on 30 June 2008. After a recording hiatus during which the band continued to play live, 2014 saw the release of 8-Bit Sound System, a limited edition cassette which painstakingly rendered the entire of Eight Track Sound System into 8 bit. In November 2015 the band released 4 new singles to be accompanied by a limited edition Christmasette in December.


  • Simon Stone
  • Jonee Kemp
  • Ian Appleyard
  • Bod
  • Nicholas Broten
  • Albums

  • Je m'appelle Stereo
  • No.1 Hi-fi Hair
  • Spectrumatronicalogical Sounds
  • The Autumn/Winter Collection
  • Eight Track Sound System
  • 8 bit sound system
  • Singles

    Fonda 500 httpsiytimgcomviAsSo3Ii5wosmaxresdefaultjpg
  • "Super Chimpanzee"
  • "8 Track"
  • "I Like Nick Broten"
  • "Computer Freaks Of The Galaxy"
  • "Keybooooords belong to the animals"
  • "Law of the Claw"
  • "IamLove"
  • "Greatest Living Sound"

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    Simon's Alphabetical BeardSpectrumatronicalogical Sounds · 2004
    Another Kind of BeautifulNo 1 Hifi Hair · 2002
    Song For a CommercialEight Track Sound System · 2000


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