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Released  April 4, 2006
Genre  Alternative rock
Label  Universal
Recorded  Early 2005
Length  57:57
Producer  David Castell and Justin Furstenfeld

Foiled is the fourth studio album by Blue October. The album was certified gold in the United States on August 9, 2006, and on February 22, 2007, was certified platinum. The album is also popular in Canada where it has also achieved platinum status.


The album was recorded during the summer of 2005. Most of the songs on the album are older Blue October and 5591 songs, except for "Into the Ocean" and "Hate Me", which were written in early 2005 while Justin Furstenfeld was living in Los Angeles and recording the early demos for the album. Foiled was originally going to be titled Beyond the Sadness and was to be released October 11, 2005. During the fall of 2005 the working title was changed to Living Just to Watch It All Go By, which is a lyric from the song "It's Just Me". The eventual album title Foiled was coined by Justin Furstenfeld and Jeremy Furstenfeld's father, Dan Furstenfeld. Two promotional spin-offs, Foiled Again, and Foiled for the Last Time were released in 2007. Foiled was listed at number 150 among Billboard's top 200 albums of 2007.

"Hate Me" is the first single from the album. A video for the song appeared on VH1, and the song peaked at number two on the Modern Rock charts.

The second single, "Into the Ocean", was also successful on radio, and the video peaked at number one on VH1.

The track "Congratulations" features guest vocals by Imogen Heap. The track "Into The Ocean" features guest vocals from Zayra Alvarez (best known for her appearance on Rock Star: Supernova). Other guest singers appear on the song "Overweight" but are not named in the album credits.

"Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek" was also included on the Saw III soundtrack and features guest vocals by Kirk Baxley. It is the "heaviest" track on the album because of its masochistic themed lyrics.

The version of the album released in Europe contains the bonus tracks "Independently Happy" and "Chameleon Boy", from Consent to Treatment and History for Sale, respectively, but does not contain the hidden track "It's Just Me".

A premium version of the album, Foiled for the Last Time, was released on September 25, 2007, which includes fourteen of the Live at Stubb's tracks as well as the remastered "Calling You" and two remixes of "X Amount of Words".

Foiled remains Blue October's highest selling and most popular album, with the two hit singles "Hate Me" and "Into the Ocean" being Blue October's most popular and recognizable songs, and have become rock radio and concert staples for the band. Although Blue October had been touring and releasing albums for eleven years prior to the release of the album, Foiled put them on the map and resulted in a surge in popularity for the band. Every one of the band's subsequent albums has charted in the top 20, and the band continues to perform sold out tours.

Track listing

All tracks written by Justin Furstenfeld except for tracks 1,10, and 13, co written by Novesky, Sugg, and Hudson, respectively.


  • Justin Furstenfeld — vocals, guitar, producer
  • Jeremy Furstenfeld — drums
  • C.B. Hudson — guitar
  • Matt Noveskey — bass
  • Ryan Delahoussaye — violin, keyboards
  • Sarah Donaldson — cello
  • Zayra Alvarez — vocals on "Into the Ocean" (track 3)
  • Imogen Heap — vocals on "Congratulations" (track 7)
  • Kirk Baxley — vocals on "Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek" (track 10)
  • Jose Alcantar — producer, mixing
  • David Castell — producer, mixing
  • Phil Kaffel — mixing
  • Patrick Leonard — producer, mixing
  • Michael Perfitt — mixing
  • Chick Reed — producer, mixing
  • Joe Spix — art direction, design
  • Paul Oakenfold — mixing
  • Carmen Rizzo — mixing
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