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Flipper and Lopaka

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Directed by
First episode date
10 September 1999



Theme music composer
Clive Harrison

Final episode date
24 February 2005

Flipper and Lopaka Flipper and Lopaka Wikipedia

Written by
Glen DolmanEmily Perl KingsleyNorman Stiles

Voices of
Jodie DryRobyn Moore (season 1 and 2 only)Jane U'Brien (season 3 only)Jamie Oxenbould (season 1 and 2 only)Carter Hayden (season 3 only)Troy PlanetKeith Scott (season 1 and 2 only)John Stocker (season 3 only)Josh Quong TartShane Withington

Opening theme
"Flipper's Theme", performed by Mark Williams (1 and 2 only),Gordon Downie and Louise Anton (3 only)

The Adventures of Blinky, Zeke's Pad, Sea Princesses, Dex Hamilton: Alien Ent, Sally Bollywood: Super De

Flipper and lopaka intro

Flipper & Lopaka is an Australian animated series produced by the Yoram Gross companies: Yoram Gross Films Studio (only in Season 1) and Yoram Gross-EM.TV (instead in the Seasons 2 and 3). It has previously aired on Australia's Seven Network at various times and has also aired on Australia's ABC3, a channel dedicated to children's television programs.


Flipper and Lopaka Watch Season 3 Flipper amp Lopaka


The series takes place on the Millhouse island of Illoka. The islanders survive without the use of modern technology, building huts out of bamboo and fern and eating various fruits found on the island floor. Beneath the surrounding ocean lies Quetzo, a sunken Millhouse island now home to many sea creatures. The series follows Lopaka, a young Polynesian boy who has the mysterious power to communicate with sea creatures and breathe underwater, and his adventures with his many sea-faring friends, including the witty and friendly dolphin, Flipper. Lopaka, Flipper and their friends must work together to thwart the plans of the nefarious Dexter, an octopus wanting to claim Quetzo as his own, and keep peace amongst the underwater domain.

All seasons

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Lopaka - Lopaka is an 11-year-old Polynesian boy, referred to in the show as a menehune, who has the power to converse with sea creatures and to breathe underwater. He was rescued from drowning as a child by Flipper, and they've been best friends ever since. The islanders of Iloka often wonder where Lopaka disappears to every episode, but he usually manages to avoid speaking the truth (if he were to tell anybody, his powers would disappear). He wears a red skirt, and an arm band (which all the males wear on Iloka). Lopaka is a very loyal friend, to sea creatures and islanders alike. He has fluffy brown hair that reaches below his ears, and black eyes.

Flipper and Lopaka Flipper and Lopaka episode 1 YouTube

Flipper - Lopaka's best friend, Flipper is a quick-witted, agile, loyal and friendly bottlenose dolphin, whose parents are the rulers of Quetzo. When trouble arises in the underwater domain, the sea-creature citizens turn to Flipper as their leader. Flipper has a light blue underbelly, with a darker blue back. He is known as the most trusted sea creature in Quetzo, and does his best to help everybody he can.

Flipper and Lopaka Flipper amp Lopaka

Ottie, Ray and Puffy - Ottie, a sea otter, Ray, a manta ray and Puffy, a blowfish, are Flipper's good friends, and they usually accompany him and Lopaka in keeping Quetzo safe. Ottie is the only one of the three who can go on land, making him a valuable asset when Lopaka isn't around to help. Ray is kindhearted, and acts as a central motivator of the group, and Puffy, albeit insecure about himself, uses his ability to puff himself out to his advantage.

Dexter - Dexter is a giant, purple octopus whose main goal is to rule Quetzo. He is deceiving, manipulative, and acts as the main antagonist to the story. Underneath his nefarious outlook, when faced with danger he becomes very scared and cowardly. No matter how many times Flipper saves his life, Dexter will always make up a new plan to try and destroy him. He likes to praise himself for his 'excellence', however isn't the brightest sea creature around.

Serge - Serge is a sea snake who acts as the 'brains' to Dexter's motivation. He is bright green, with a devious and sharp mind. Even though Serge is to credit for the ideas that are made to destroy Flipper, whenever they go wrong, Dexter puts the blame on him for everything.

Dolores - Dexter's sister. Dolores dislikes Dexter, as she thinks of him as very selfish, and she is the only one Dexter truly fears. She occasionally has him babysit her daughter, Inky. She becomes friendly with Flipper and his friends and eventually becomes a famous superstar in Seadom.

Season 2

Professor Troy, Spike and Goose - Professor Troy is a talented scientist who wants to find out the history of Quetso and Illoka, and the reason that it sank. She is good hearted and her son, Spike, is friends with Lopaka and is surprised the Milihune can get along without 20th century essentials. He tries teaching them about it by playing along with them. Goose, Troy's off-beat assistant is a young man of few words; every time he speaks, he does so with an accent. For example, if he were to say "Help me!", he would say it slowly, in a low voice. He wears an aqua vest and jeans.

Season 3

Captain Barnibus Crab, Kim, Simon - Captain Crab is a short, modern-day pirate who has come to the waters of Illoka to search for Neptune's Statue and Neptune's Trident. His niece, 18 or so year-old Kim has come to assist him, and also gain pirating experience. Kim is an eager pirate, and is the technical wiz of the ship. Simon on the other hand, is a large deck hand/chef. He is accident prone, and will commit piracy, but he is really a gentle giant.

Ultra - Ultra is a pink dolphin, who was taken from her parents a baby. She grew up in a science lab, and was taken with the pirates to search the ocean floor. After a few incidents, Ultra proves herself a true, worthy companion, and Flipper gladly takes her into the group. Later in the series, Ultra finds her parents, along with a little sister, Delta.


Flipper and Lopaka Wikipedia

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