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Flaky pastry

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Type  Pastry
Main ingredients  Shortening
Place of origin  Georgia
Main ingredient  Shortening
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Alternative names  Quick puff pastry, blitz puff pastry
Similar  Filling, Pasty, Danish pastry, Filo, Puff pastry

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Flaky pastry, also known as blitz pastry or rough puff, is a light and flaky unleavened pastry that is similar to, but distinct from, puff pastry. Flaky pastry relies on large lumps of shortening (approximately 1-in./2½ cm. across) mixed into the dough, as opposed to the large rectangle of shortening in puff pastry. Flaky pastry dough is then rolled and folded in a manner similar to puff pastry.


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The chunks of shortening keep the rolled particles of dough in the flaky pastry separate from each other, so that when the dough is baked they become flakes. This yields a different texture from puff pastry, where rectangles of dough and fat are rolled and folded together in such a way that the result is a number of uniform sheets of pastry.

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Flaky pastry is used to make pasties, turnovers, sausage rolls, and plaits.

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