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Finsbury Park Mosque

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Architectural style
Islamic architecture

Architectural type


Date established

+44 20 7424 5252

Number of minarets

Finsbury Park Mosque

Finsbury Park, London  United Kingdom

7-11 St Thomas's Rd, London N4 2QH, UK

London Central Mosque, Fazl Mosque - London, East London Mosque, Aziziye Mosque, Brixton Mosque


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The Finsbury Park Mosque is a mosque located in Finsbury Park, London, London Borough of Islington, England.


Fisbury Park Mosque is registered in the UK (charity No: 1136945, company No:7229018), serving the local community in Islington and surrounding Boroughs of North London.

The mosque has risen to notoriety since allowing extremist Islamist preachers (many of whom were refugees from the Algerian Civil War) to take it over. In 1996 they installed Abu Hamza al-Masri as imam of the mosque, and later, Abu Qatada which subsequently developed a reputation as a centre of radical Islamism in London.

In 2014, HSBC bank closed North London Central Mosque's bank account. This was due to reported links to terrorism, based on information provided by the Thomson Reuters news agency. However the mosque then filed a legal case against Reuters and won in 2017.

History and location

The main building was opened in 1994 in a ceremony attended by Prince Charles. The mosque is located opposite Finsbury Park station, close to Arsenal Football Club's Emirates Stadium, in the London Borough of Islington.

Al Qaeda operatives including "shoebomber" Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui attended the mosque. In 2002, The Guardian reported that weapons training had taken place inside the building.

Wood Green ricin plot

In 2003, over one hundred armed police raided the building as part of the investigation into the alleged Wood Green ricin plot. Abu Hamza al-Masri was eventually jailed for seven years in 2006 after being convicted of inciting murder and race hate. Later, he was deported to the United States to face justice for terrorism charges after a ten-year battle in the British courts based on his "indefinite leave to remain in the UK", which was granted to him by the previous Conservative government. He was eventually sentenced to life in prison.

Beslan siege

Individuals involved in the Beslan school siege were linked to the mosque. Two English/Algerians are among the identified rebels who actively participated in the attack: Osman Larussi and Yacine Benalia. Another UK citizen named Kamel Rabat Bouralha, arrested while trying to leave Russia immediately following the attack, was suspected to be a key organizer. All three were linked to the Finsbury Park Mosque.

Change of leadership

Following the 2003 raid, the mosque was reclaimed by those including representatives of the Muslim Association of Britain, who installed a new board of trustees and imam.


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