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Finno Volgaic languages

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Glottolog:  None
Finno-Volgaic languages
Geographic distribution:  Northern Fennoscandia, Baltic states, Southwestern and Southeastern Russia
Linguistic classification:  Uralic Finno-Ugric Finno-Permic Finno-Volgaic
Subdivisions:  Finnic languages Sami languages Mordvinic languages Mari language

Finno-Volgaic or Fenno-Volgaic is an obsolete hypothesis of a subgrouping of the Uralic languages that tried to group the Finnic languages, Sami languages, Mordvinic languages and the Mari language. It was hypothetized to have branched from Finno-Permic languages about 2000 BC.

Finnic and Sami languages are sometimes grouped together under Finno-Samic languages, while Mordvinic and Mari were formerly grouped together as the defunct group of Volga-Finnic languages.

The current stage of research rejects Volga-Finnic, while the validity of Finno-Lappic and Finno-Permic remains disputed. In particular the position of Mari within the alleged grouping appears to be marginal, while more evidence can be found uniting specifically Finnic, Samic and Mordvinic.

Only a single uniting phonological feature of the Finno-Volgaic languages has been proposed: the loss of the consonant *w before rounded vowels.

Lexical evidence for a Finno-Volgaic group is weak as well. Less than ten word roots are known that would be shared by all four member groups, while being absent from the other Uralic languages. This however includes two relatively significant words, the numerals 'eight' and 'nine':


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