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Fennoscandia Girl Lost in the World Fancy a Visit to Fennoscandia

Timeline of fennoscandia

Fennoscandia (Finnish: Fennoskandia; Swedish: Fennoskandien; Norwegian: Fennoskandia; Russian: Фенноскандия Fennoskandiya), Fenno-Scandinavia, or the Fennoscandian Peninsula, is the geographical peninsula of the Nordic region comprising the Scandinavian Peninsula, Finland, Karelia, and the Kola Peninsula. It encompasses Finland, Norway and Sweden, as well as Murmansk Oblast, much of the Republic of Karelia and parts of northern Leningrad Oblast in Russia. Its name comes from the Latin words Fennia (Finland) and Scandia (Scandinavian). The term was first used by the Finnish geologist Wilhelm Ramsay in 1898. Geologically, the area is distinct because its bedrock is Archaean granite and gneiss with very little limestone, in contrast to neighboring areas in Europe.


Fennoscandia Earthquakes in Fennoscandia

Fennoscandia the mining region of europe

Fennoscandia Sketch map of Fennoscandia showing the major geological Figure
Fennoscandia Deglaciation of Fennoscandia PDF Download Available
Fennoscandia Fennoscandiaalldepsmalljpg
Fennoscandia fennoscandianetwpcontentuploads201312fennos
Fennoscandia Fennoscandia Wikipedia
Fennoscandia Bodil Elmhagen web page
Fennoscandia Geology of Fennoscandia Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Fennoscandia Green Belt of Fennoscandia gt Green Belt of Fennoscandia


Fennoscandia Wikipedia

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