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Fine Things (film)

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Director  Tom Moore
Music director  Lee Holdridge
Country  USA
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Romance
Cinematography  Lloyd Ahern II
Language  English
Fine Things (film) movie poster
Writer  Danielle Steel, Peter Lefcourt
Release date  October 16, 1990
Cast  D.W. Moffett (Bernie Fine), Cloris Leachman (Ruth Fine), Judith Hoag (Molly), Peter Michael Goetz (Bergosian), Patricia Gaul (Gertie), Noley Thornton (Jane)
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When an executives (D.W. Moffett) wife (Tracy Pollan) dies of cancer, her former husband demands custody of their daughter.


Fine Things (film) movie scenes

Fine Things, also known as Danielle Steels Fine Things, is a 1990 romantic drama television film directed by Tom Moore. The film is based upon the 1987 novel of the same name written by Danielle Steel.

Fine Things (film) movie scenes

Standard romantic melodrama from novelist Danielle Steele finds a couple embroiled in marital conflict with a nasty child-custody battle at its center.


Fine Things (film) movie scenes

Bernard "Bernie" Fine is a highly successful businessman who moves from New York City to San Francisco for his work at the west coast Wolffs department store. One day, he meets Liz OReilly, a single mother who was left by her husband Chandler Scott around the time of her daughter Janes birth. After a lengthy time of dating, Bernie and Liz decide to marry. Although his mother Ruth, a proud Jew, is not enthusiastic about Lizs religious background, she eventually comes to accept Liz as her new daughter-in-law. Soon, Liz becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son, Alexander. Life is looking great for the couple.

Fine Things (film) movie scenes

Everything changes when Chandler Scott comes back into their lives. Liz, fearing he will be a part of Janes life, offers him $25,000 to leave without ever returning. This is despite their lawyers strong advice not to offer him money, explaining it is illegal. Meanwhile, after Alexander is born, Liz is diagnosed with bone cancer. She refuses chemotherapy until Bernie encourages her its the right thing to do, although Liz tells Bernie she will continue her job teaching at elementary school and finish out the school year. But as Liz begins to lose her hair, Ruth turns around and buys a wig for her, and apologizes to Liz for not giving her a chance. As her health continues to deteriorate, Liz decides to give up on chemotherapy, explaining she does not want to spend her final days on medicine. Finally after an emotional farewell, she dies in bed.

Fine Things (film) movie scenes  People go to movies to see things happen not listening to people talk Unless of course you re watching My Dinner with Andre

Soon after, Bernie buys a vacation cottage in Napa Valley, and hopes to start a new life with Jane and Alexander. Tragedy strikes again when Jane is kidnapped by Chandler. Bernie is furious and desperate to save her. Frustrated by the polices incapability to search for her, he uses the help of private detectives to locate her himself and secretly brings her back home.

Fine Things (film) movie scenes Back in the day Judith in the first Mutant film she was only 21

While Bernie is handling all his current problems, he falls in love with a single doctor, Molly, who lives in Napa. As they become closer, Jane fears she may lose Bernies love, until Ruth talks with her about how Bernie will never lose love for her, even if he marries somebody new. After Bernie and Molly have been going out for some time, Bernie ultimately decides on staying and starting a new life in Napa, including opening a new store in an old schoolhouse, which he later names "Fine Things," after all the fine things that have come into Bernies life.

Fine Things (film) movie scenes Famous scene Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze as Molly and Sam Wheat in 1990 film

After a long time of no communication, Chandler sets a trial date to demand full custody of Jane. Chandler is about to win the case, until evidence is leaked Chandler was involved with a cocaine smuggle. Bernie wins official custody of Jane and they happily live ever after with Molly, Bernies new girlfriend Jane initially disapproved, but learns to like. The movie closes with Bernie and Molly taking Jane and Alexander to see his new store, and he surprises Jane with a new dog. Knowing how much she means to Bernie, Jane feels she can finally accept a new life, and chooses to call Bernie daddy.


  • D.W. Moffett as Bernard Stephen Bernie Fine
  • Tracy Pollan as Elizabeth Kathleen Liz OReilly
  • Noley Thornton as Jane OReilly
  • Cloris Leachman as Ruth Fine
  • Judith Hoag as Molly
  • Darrell Larson as Chandler Scott
  • G. W. Bailey as Grossman
  • George Coe as Paul Berman
  • Duncan Ballard & Emily Ballard as Alexander

  • Fine Things (film) movie scenes Dawn and Alex Griffiths after being reunited in 1990
    Fine Things (film) movie scenes Apparently 1990 was the year big puffy guys practicing karate won over the hearts of America A massive box office success but an equally massive critical


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