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Finckenstein coat of arms

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Battle cry  Sub Utraque Duce
Families  Finck von Finckenstein
Finckenstein coat of arms
Alternative names  Interpretation: Under one leadership (represented by the star) should the family always stay together in good times and in bad times (represented by the rising and setting half moons)
Earliest mention  in the Levant long before the Third Crusade in 1189; as a trophy brought to Germany. Showing common Middle Eastern motifs, namely the crescents and star which are symbols of the region's predominant religion, Islam
Towns  Acre in the Levant, Deutsch-Eylau and Finckenstein in East Prussia

Finckenstein coat of arms - is a Coat of Arms used by the Finck von Finckenstein family.



Probably taken back to Germany as a trophy from the Third Crusade (1189–1192) by an early member of the Finck von Finckenstein family.


Golden star above two half moons (one rising and one setting) on a blue background


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