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Final Justice (1985 film)

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Directed by
Greydon Clark

Written by
Greydon Clark

Produced by
Greydon Clark

Music by
David Bell

Final Justice (1985 film)

Joe Don Baker Rossano Brazzi Venantino Venantini Patrizia Pellegrino Bill McKinney Helena Dalli Lino Grech Tony Ellul

Nicholas Josef von Sternberg

Final Justice is a 1985 Italian-American action film directed, produced, and written by Greydon Clark. It stars Joe Don Baker as a Texas sheriff who overturns a Maltese city to find the mobster who killed his partner.


The film was lampooned in a 1999 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Now infamous for its poor quality, it is among the lowest rated movies on the Internet Movie Database.


Joe Don Baker plays Texas sheriff Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III. His partner, the former sheriff, is killed by an Italian mobster. He finds the criminal, a man named Joseph Palermo, and escorts him back to Europe, only to lose him in the capital city of Valletta in Malta. He rejects the assistance of local law enforcement and pursues Palermo himself. A cat-and-mouse game follows, with car chases, gunfights, fistfights and boat chases.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

The film was featured in the eighth episode of MST3K's tenth and final season. It is the second Joe Don Baker film to be riffed on MST3K, following Mitchell, to which a few references were made in this episode.

The version of the film used in the MST3K episode contains a very prominent editing mistake. Early in the film when the sheriff (played by director Greydon Clark) dies, there is a shot of the partner getting killed and collapsing to the ground. Moments later, the exact shot is repeated. This error only appears in a television print, and the original Vestron release does not contain this mistake.


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