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Developer(s)  FileScope Dev. Team
Operating system  Cross-platform
Written in  C#
Type  Peer-to-peer file sharing
License  GNU General Public License

FileScope is a multi-network filesharing client mainly written by Matt Zyzik, supporting the Gnutella1, Gnutella2, eDonkey and OpenNap networks.



On January 18, 2005, FileScope joined SourceForge and released its code under the GPL. Since this date, the project is searching for new developers. There has not been notable activity on the project during the past year, but it has never been officially cancelled.


As most modern P2P applications, FileScope features the sharing of partially downloaded files, swarming and download verification by hash to avoid data corruption. It also has integrated chat features for Gnutella2 and library management for downloaded and shared files. Officially, the application is cross-platform but current builds only support running it under Microsoft Windows, but it is due to also run under Linux, Mac OS X, and other Unix based platforms.

As for the networking support, the software is able to connect to the Gnutella1, Gnutella2, eDonkey and OpenNap networks and it provides support for Hub mode on Gnutella2 (vendor code "FSCP"). Currently, the software is only available in English.


FileScope Wikipedia

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