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Fidenza Cathedral

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Province  Province of Parma
Architect  Benedetto Antelami
Phone  +39 0524 522354
Fidenza Cathedral
Address  Piazza Duomo, 43036 Fidenza PR, Italy
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Fidenza Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Fidenza; Cattedrale di San Donnino) is a Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to Saint Domninus of Fidenza (San Donnino) in the town of Fidenza, province of Parma, region of Emilia Romagna, Italy.


It is the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Fidenza, known until 1927 as the Diocese of Borgo San Donnino.


Construction of the cathedral began in the 1100s. It was dedicated to Saint Domninus of Fidenza, who was martyred by order of the Emperor Maximian in 304 AD. The saint's relics were brought here in 1207, and are believed to be contained in an urn in the crypt. The town's previous name, Borgo San Donnino, was given in honor of the saint.

The building survived the sack and destruction of the town of Fidenza in 1268. The apse and façade were completed a few decades later. The cathedral is an example of the Lombard-Romanesque style. The upper part of the façade is incomplete, but the lower, with its three portals and sculptures, is a fine example of Romanesque architecture, including two statues by Benedetto Antelami and bas-reliefs depicting the Histories of St. Domninus. The interior is simple and well-proportioned, and has not been spoilt by restoration. The statue at the front of the cathedral of the apostle Simon Peter is famous for its pointing in the direction of Rome. Side chapels continued to be added into the 16th century.

The altarpiece depicting the Purification of Mary, by Andrea Mainardi (il Chiaveghino) was painted for the church circa 1600.

Sculptural decoration

Fidenza Cathedral, even in its incomplete state, preserves masterly Romanesque elements. The brick façade is flanked by two bell-towers, and has three entrance portals. The central portal has a protruding portico held aloft by thin columns with lion bases. Antelami in this portal sculpted the prophets David and Ezekiel flanking the doorway. In this portal, scenes narrate the life of Saint Domninus and subsequent miracles, who started as chamberlain to the Roman Emperor Maximian. Domninus' conversion led to his martyrdom. Other scenes depict the life of the Virgin, and a statue of Saint Peter. The side portals have carvings depicting Charlemagne and Pope Adrian II. Other carvings depict Hercules and the Nemean lion. Sculpted carvings continue in the inside of the church.


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