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Ficus tinctoria

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Moraceae
Scientific name  Ficus tinctoria
Order  Rosales
Genus  Ficus
Rank  Species
Ficus tinctoria Cook Islands Biodiversity Ficus tinctoria Dye Fig
Similar  Ficus hispida, Ficus drupacea, Ficus fistulosa, Ficus prolixa, Ficus variegata

Ficus tinctoria forst

Ficus tinctoria, also known as dye fig, or humped fig is a hemiepiphytic tree of genus Ficus. It is also one of the species known as strangler fig.


Ficus tinctoria Ficus tinctoria mati Dyer39s fig Higher Plants amp Ferns of the

It is found in Asia, Malesia, northern Australia, and the South Pacific islands.

In Australia it is recorded as a medium-sized tree with smooth, oval green leaves. It is found often growing in rocky areas or over boulders. The leaves are asymmetrical.

Ficus tinctoria Ficus tinctoria

The small rust brown fruit of the dye fig are the source of a red dye used in traditional fabric making in parts of Oceania and Indonesia.

Ficus tinctoria Ficus tinctoria Dye Fig

The fruit is also used for medicinal purposes.

Mao rong ficus tinctoria forst

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Ficus tinctoria Ficus tinctoria parasitica Glasshouse Works
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